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Residential Moving Companies[edit]

Residential Moving Companies is a firm that provides relocation services, usually who provide this moving services are a professional movers, in this days there is a hundreds of thousands of residential moving companies all over the world, in large countries such as United States of America the moving services is one large business, there is a thousands of residential moving companies in the United States alone, the work hard to relocate residents and customers all over the country. There are the four major types of moving companies.

*  Local Moving Companies
*  Interstate Moving Companies / Long Distance Movers
*  International Moving Companies
*  Commercial Moving Companies

Local Moving Companies: providing residential moving services within the same states line or city such as; moving from Chicago to Chicago or moving from one city in Illinois to other city in Illinois, or New York to New York, usually all local moving companies should be licensed by the states they are operating in. normally local moving rates and charges be based on hourly charges or the local moving company tariff.

Interstates Moving Companies or what called long distance moving companies: providing residential moving services to client who is moving across country or out of the state such as moving from Chicago to California, or Moving from Illinois to Florida, in United States of America all Interstates Moving Companies should be licensed by the Department of Transportation.

International Moving Companies: to provide international moving services from one country to other such as; Moving from Chicago to Canada, or Moving from Chicago to the United Kingdom. International Moving Companies must have an international licensed to transport household goods and general fright.

Commercial Moving Companies: they provide moving services to relocate businesses and companies. In the United States of America the moving season starts in summer time between May till September, in this season of five month almost all USA moving companies get so much business.

Residential moving companies such as some of Chicago moving companies can provide you with full lines of moving & storage services, Packing services, moving boxes and more.