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About me[edit]

I'm a London-based software QA Engineer with an ISEB Software Tester Certification at Foundation and Intermediate levels.


In my ever-decreasing amounts of spare time I find myself gaming quite often. If I'm not gaming I'm on the internet browsing or chatting with friends. I play a wide variety of games and have a fairly extensive collection, (theoretically) worth far more than I'd like to admit.

Conflicts of Interest[edit]

In the interests of keeping my editing on Wikipedia as transparent as possible I declare the following Conflicts of Interest:

  • I am a member of the Pirate Party UK.
  • I consider myself atheist, and may therefore edit religious (or religion-related) articles from that viewpoint.
  • I am British. I will likely, by compulsion, edit with British grammar and spelling and may be biased on articles relating to the UK

That's all for now.


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