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About me[edit]

I have eclectic tastes, so I will make minor corrections and changes to all kinds of seemingly random pages. I'm interested in video games, cellular automata, Dungeons & Dragons, cognitive science, politics, astronomy, programming, linguistics, cosmology, electronic music, homebrewing, yoga...

To do list[edit]

Featured article WP:FAC articles[edit]

Good article WP:GAN articles[edit]

For far-in-the-future targets, see the long list.


Featured articles[edit]

Featured article Article Date
Drowned God December 19, 2012

Fantasy TFA dates:

Good articles[edit]

I've written[edit]

Good article Article Date
Xtort April 4, 2010
KMFDM April 7, 2010
Mythmaker May 9, 2010
Industrial music June 27, 2010
Drowned God July 15, 2012
Nihil July 20, 2012
WTF?! July 30, 2012
Starflight December 21, 2012
Dwarf (D&D) January 23, 2013
Baldur's Gate II January 30, 2013

I've reviewed[edit]

Did you know articles[edit]

Symbol question.svg Article Date Views
Krank (song) 20 March 2011 776
Twine (band) 04 July 2012 756
Inscape (publisher) 10 July 2012 987
Drowned God 11 July 2012 2853
Missing Foundation 04 August 2012 597
Sexplosion! 24 February 2013 646
Prodigy (video game) 10 April 2014 6473

Handy links[edit]

  • CatScan – this is a fantastic tool for creating a list of articles to fix issues with. I've used it extensively to do copy editing on articles in my areas of interest, and am currently using it to deal with ~400 unsourced articles in the industrial music categories.
  • neccessary
  • necesary
  • neccesary

Articles I have created[edit]

Copy editing backlog elimination drives[edit]

  • Total articles for all drives: 528
  • Total words for all drives: 272,236

Barnstars and awards[edit]