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Tormach LLC is machine tool company specializing in CNC machinery and accessories designed for the needs of R&D, prototype development, education, hobby, small shop, and light industrial applications. Tormach CNC mills are conventional vertical bed mills or milling machines with 3 or 4 axis capability. Tormach equipment uses personal computer technology for automation and is generally lighter in weight and lower in cost than conventional industrial machine tools. Machines and accessories are sold direct and through qualified distributors.

Machine tools are run by Mach3 control software using Microsoft Windows operating systems or EMC2 control software using Linux operating systems. Tormach equipment includes control software designed specifically for their equipment and provides direct support for all aspects of the machinery, including electrical, mechanical, and software. Tormach also offers regularly scheduled training classes at their Waunakee headquarters. Tormach offers several CAD and CAM packages, but the equipment is compatible with all CAM software using conventional G-code and M-code systems.

Tormach is the originator of a quick change tool holding system known as the Tormach Tooling System (TTS). Released in 2004, TTS can be used in conventional R8 or #3 Morse taper spindles but provides quicker tool change and easier off-line tool setup than the conventional spindle taper tooling.

Tormach is the originator and patent holder (US patent 7,386,362) of the Duality Lathe. Released in 2008, Duality Lathe is a dual purpose lathe which can be operated stand-alone as a manual lathe, or as a CNC lathe when used in combination with the Tormach vertical mill.

Tormach ships equipment worldwide, with warehouse locations in Wisconsin, Nevada, and China. Office locations are in Waunakee, Wisconsin and Nanjing, China. Waunakee is the headquarters and sales office, while Nanjing office is home to the quality audit team and internal logistics services.

Tormach promotes the concept of personal CNC, drawing analogy to the personal computer, where size, capability, and original sales price make the equipment useful to individuals. Similar to personal computers, personal CNC implies that the equipment can be operated directly by an end user and requires no formal technical training for operation.


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