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I am TotalSpaceshipGuy3, I'm also over at the Homestar Runner Wiki and Fanstuff Wiki where I go by the same name, so I'll be working on the Homestar Runner articles a lot.


  • I mostly inspect the Recent Changes for any troll/vandal edits and revert them, Wikipedia needs as many Recent Changes patrollers as it can get.
  • If I edit any pages majorly, it'll be technological in some way. That's really all I can Wikipedia about.
  • You'll likely see me make quite a few edits to videogame pages, and certain TV shows.

How I Found Wikipedia[edit]

I found the almighty Wikipedia back in 2003. I was working on a Sexual Abuse project for my PDR class. I searched it up on Google, lo and behold, Wikipedia was the only good source. I went on to get a B+ on the project, and I've used Wikipedia for school projects ever since. Thanks, Wikipedia, and thank God that Wikipedia is not censored. If it was, I would have never got that mark.

Uses of "Wikipedia"[edit]

  • Wikipedia (noun) - The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
  • Wikipedia(-ing) (verb) - The act of editing Wikipedia.
  • Wikipedia-like(-ish) (adj.) - Wide-open, extensive.
  • Wikipedia-rific(-tastic) (expl.) - An exclamation meaning "great, like Wikipedia!"