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==Totally Tempo's User Page==

I live in Anmore British Columbia, it is beautiful and amazing. 
I had a 1992 Ford Tempo, hence the name.

About me: I've played trumpet for 8 years and used to be in a kickass jazz band. I like sports, particularly the CFL and NHL. I find the CFL games are pretty good bang for the buck. Baseball is also good if I'm at the stadium but living in Ottawa or vancouver means that I go rarely. Other things I enjoy doing are driving. I am one of the few people who's best part of the day is the commute. I love cars. Another hobby of mine is international politics, of which I read a lot about.

I visited Costa Rica for an extended stay of 2 months. I went to school there for a while, it rocked. I went on foreign exchange to University of Ghana for 1/3rd of 07 and 1/2 of o8. (That means from the beginning of Aug 07 to the middle of June 08)
==Places I've been==: In Canada: British Columbia, (all over the south) Alberta (Calagry, Edmonton, Canmore, Banff, Medicine Hat),Ontario (Ottawa, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Brockville, Kenora, Sudbury. Nova Scotia and all of the towns on Cape Breton, New Brunswick (Fredrection and St. Johns), Prince Edward Island (drove across the entire thing, not that it took long), Quebec (hull and montreal).

In the U.S. Washington State, Seattle mostly, aside from area's right beside the highway. Bellingham too. California: Los Angeles a few times. Arizona,(Phoenix & Flagstaff) Utah(no salt lake though) and Colorado, I went all over visitng lots of different towns and parks. Even found a ghost town by accident but I can't remember it's name now. The Grand Canyon was certainly amazing. Iowa (drove straight across), Nebraska (ditto minus a 4 hour flat tire debacle). Wisconsin... mostly Madison and Mcfarland. Also went to Hawaii twice on Maui. It rocked.

Costa Rica: Lived in Cartago, just outside of San Jose (by about 30 feet). Went to school there for 2 months on an exchange program, took many trips around San Jose and took a several day trip to the North in Guanacaste. Also took two or three trips to the south where we stayed in a town called Orotina, to this day I can't find it on a map. Visited San Jose (on a daily basis) Cartago (on a daily basis), Heredia, Guanacaste, Puntarenas, Alajeula. Everywhere except Limon.

China: Beijing for four days, Shanghai for 4 days, Xian for 3 days. That was an awesome trip, lot's of cool things, to name breifly I went on the Great Wall near beijing, went to the Forbidden City, The summer palace, Tiananmen square, went to the Shanghai river front, Shanghai has some very very impressive architecture. Terracotta warriors in Xian were amazing. Shook the hand of the peasant farmer who found the first one in a well. How cool is that.

Ghana: Accra, Ho, Hohoe, Kumasi, Cape Coast. Burkina Faso : Ouagadougou Togo: Lome Benin: Porto Novo Niga (Nigeria) Lagos, Oshogbo, Abuja, Jos, Bauchi, Yankari.

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close enough anyways, Anmore is where I'm from.

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