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This site -- in its written articles and in its behind-the-scenes mayhem -- provides a tremendous source of what I like to call "encyclotainment." If you're taking Wikipedia seriously, you're using it wrong. It took me a while to realize this, but I am glad I eventually did.

That said, when I am around here nowadays, usually I'm only here briefly for trivial matters, and I prefer to ignore this talk page. If you need to talk about an edit I made, raise the issue at the page where I made the edit. Maybe someone else can help you. If you seek general assistance with Wikipedia, please look elsewhere.

Edits to this talk page will usually be promptly deleted. I am aware that Wikipedia's talk page guidelines prefer archiving over deletion, but I prefer a clean page, traffic to this page is light, and every post remains accessible through the "history" tab above if you want to revisit a concluded conversation from here.