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Hey! That poor little thing was my dinner last night.

This poor little thing loves Tabasco. I love this poor little thing.


I eat poor and defenseless little things for fun.

This poor little thing tastes like  chicken  albatross.


I don't eat poor and sick little things.

Dr. Johnson B. Goode looks at a poor little thing printed on paper (I guess).

I am willing to love all mankind, except an American. They are a race of convicts, and ought to be thankful for anything we allow them short of hanging. -- Dr. Samuel Johnson rocks!
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I am so tired today. I don't want to eat any poor little thing.

Deep Impact.jpg
Rundown Shack.jpg
Fireball comparison pic.jpg

If you pay me US$ 33 million in cash (1/10 of Deep Impact), I'll let you deep impact my poor little home.



Hello, I learned about it today that Jesus spells backwards sounding like "sausage". Actually, the USAUSAUSAUSAUSA ... microengraving on my U.S. visa also looks pretty like "SAUSAGE" in some places. -- Toytoy 15:52, May 19, 2005 (UTC)

BB stands for Ball bearing Luke12345abcd (talk) 19:55, 24 July 2008 (UTC)

That isnt the greatest way to put such a great person

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