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I often attempt sarcasm. Please be aware that I'm probably not trying to insult you, but I'm utterly heartless and am terrible with words... To put it simply, if I'm being an ass, please tell me!


I'm James Cheese, AKA trust, tr00st or plenty of other things. I'm currently an undergraduate Computer Science student at Lancaster University, and a member of The County College. During term time, I live off-campus at Chancellor's Wharf (well, I haven't moved in yet, but I will shortly...). Outside term time, I spend my time around the small town of Sudbury. - update pending... I sometimes mess up when trying to edit Wikipedia articles, though that's because I'm an idiot. If I do, please tell me. I've started to contribute a couple of things to Wikimedia Commons - you might like to see my gallery.

Email address:

If you want to find anything else out about me, you should probably go to my personal website - it's likely to be more substantial than my user page. Unless I've lost favour with my webhost. It's got part of a blog, because I haven't finished it, as well as links to most of my other online presences.

Some links[edit]

I edit these articles...

...and anything else I notice I can improve...

I attempt to contribute these wikis...

Also, these links are interesting: