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I used to be a trader and a Financial economics student at a university. I write articles for WP as my other activities permit.
I am a strong believer in Wikipedia:Cite sources: any material that is challenged and has no source may be removed by any editor.

I begin writing for WP on 5 March 2006 !

I'm a proud member of the soon to be world famous Harmonious Editing Club, write to me and tell me if I am not editing Wikipedia pages correctly.

I also think one of the most important general editing guidelines in case of disagreements is Wikipedia:Stay cool
I also particulary like the Hanlon's razor principle, which I think states "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.", this comes in very handy.

My main interests here are Traders , Finance , Investments, HighScope and Economics. If there are articles in these areas that you'd like me to consider creating, go ahead and leave me a note on my talk page.

Below is the list of some of what I have written.

Finance People[edit]

Bands and musicians[edit]

Money, Trading stuff[edit]


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Resources for writing a great article:[edit]

  • WP:CITET Examples of how to use templates to cite books, encyclopedias, journals, theses, papers, websites, comic strips, videos, and editorial comics.
  • WP:IS - Independent sources
  • WP:NRSNVNA - No reliable sources, no verifiability, no article
  • Saffron Featured article that uses a good reference method

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A quote from Wikipedia:Independent sources


When including a citation, it is not enough to say "New York Times 11 August 2002", as that is not enough information to find a single article in a large newspaper. Please include at the very least the title of the article, and ideally the author of the article and the page number. When you use this link, it is useful, but only to a point. Not all users are subscribed to the Times Select pay service and you should provide an article title for those users who access the Times through other means (Lexis/Nexis, microfilm, etc.) or if the link becomes broken in the future.

Thank you