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Puppeter template.svg This username is an alternative account of DrummerMike.
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School.svg Because of university, Trap The Drum Wonder will not be very active on weekdays, but should be back editing enthusiastically on weekends (except when doing homework or on vacation).
United Kingdom Trap The Drum Wonder
Spain Atrape La Maravilla de Batería
France Prendre au piège Le Prodige de Tambour
Germany Fangen Sie Das Trommelwunder ein
Italy Trappolare Il Prodigio di Tamburo
Netherlands Vang Het Trommel Wonder
Portugal Pegue na armadilha A Maravilha de Tambor
Russia Заманите в ловушку Удивление Барабана


I'm Mike: an English, Caucasian male of 23 years. This is my second Wikipedia account due to misunderstood complications. DrummerMike was my debut in Wikipedia. I regularly search Wikipedia for interesting information; I find it is the easiest and quickest research website. I contribute vaguely as Wikipedia is almost always correct with it's omnipresently up-standard articles.

Trap The Drum Wonder?[edit]

An alias of the most influential drummers of all time, Buddy Rich — at his youth. It was he who enlightened my drumming enthusiasm and passion.

Also the title of his Biography, Traps the Drum Wonder — authoured by Mel Tormé — considerately contributed to the name of my user.

Significant Contributions[edit]

Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user individually created the article Wikipedia:WikiProject Gloucestershire.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user individually created the article User:Trap The Drum Wonder/WP:Crytek.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user individually created the article User:Trap The Drum Wonder/Xbox 720.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user individually created the article User:Trap The Drum Wonder/PlayStation 4.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user individually created the article User:Trap The Drum Wonder/Improving Fight.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user individually created the article User:Trap The Drum Wonder/Fandangle.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user individually created the article M+M's.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user individually created the article Young Kato.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user individually created the article SB.TV.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user individually created the article The Bottletop Band.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user individually created the article JME (rapper).
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user individually created the article Dain Bramage.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user individually created the article Cuffley School.

The following list contains pages on which I've made substantial contributions to; pages I've personally been involved in creating or editing, whether it be minor changes or major changes. I vaguely scan articles: delete spam; standardise or amend grammar and extend information tables or general text. Additionally, I could be making redirections for the appropriate article or editing the odd template now and then.

19 Propositions (creating appropriate redirect) — 1st Duke of Somerset (creating redirect) — 2011 London riots (adding information and quotations) — 2011 World Snooker Championship (editing "Rounds" table) — 3-Way Tie (For Last) (grammatical correction) — Algorave (adding information) — Allegory (minor edit) — Amelia Earhart (grammatical edit) — American Revolutionary War (minor correction) — Arctic Monkeys (uploading audio track) — Atticus Clothing (minor edit) — Balcarras School (editing general information; removing vandilism) — Benjamin Francis Leftwich (link additions; more information) — Bernard Manning (amending grammar) — Best of Bizzle (grammatical correction) — Blam! (grammatical editing on "Track listing") — Blink-182 (editing page) — Blink-182 discography (adding single) — Blonde Redhead (adding genre) — Bon Iver (editing "Studio albums") — Bon Iver, Bon Iver (correspondent edits) — Bottletop Band (creating redirection) — Boy Better Know (minor edit) — Brenda Edwards (addititional links) — Brighton Speed Trials (grammatical correction) — Burial (stating redirect) — Carl Barât (adding internal link) — Carlos Santana (minor grammatical amendment) — Casualty (stating disambiguation) — Chancellor's School (editing information table) — Cheshire Cat (stating other use) — CKJS (AM) (redirecting page) — Comedic genres (grammatical corrections) — Convention on Cybercrime (spelling correction) — Credibility (minor link edit) — Wikipedia-logo.png Cuffley School (created article) — Wikipedia-logo.png Dain Bramage (creating page) — Dan Armstrong (adding sensical information) — Dave Grohl (adding notable instrument and associated act) — Day of Seven Billion (minor edits) — Dead Island (correcting grammar) — Deaths in 2012 (editing "April 2012" and "June 2012" sections) — Deepwater Horizon oil spill (adding information) — Denmark Street (correcting markup) — Doppler On Wheels (amending links) — Ed Sheeran (adding new section, "Album") — Electronic Communications Act 2000 (removing vandalism) — Epiphone Casino (amending content) — Eyes Adrift (editing page) — Wikipedia-logo.png Fandangle (created page) — Fecal Matter (band) (editing "Confirmed singles" section) — Fender Jaguar (small grammatical edits and further trivia) — Fight of the Century (minor trivial addition) — Flea (disambiguation) (conceptual error reverted) — Flipper (band) (amending link input) — Foals (editing "Total Life Forever" section) — Foo Fighters (inserting template) — Freak Baby (redirecting page) — Garry's Mod (adding references and amending grammar) — Gary Powell (inputting internal links) — Gazebo (adding information) — The Germs (change of tense) — Goats Head Soup (additional link) — Grand Theft Auto (series) (adding section) — Grand Theft Auto 2 (uploading image for article) — Grand Theft Auto: Mission packs (uploading image for article) — Great Whin Sill (creating redirection) — Henry Cooper (editing page and grammar) — Hey Ma (song) (amending grammar) — Historian (grammatical edit) — Holly (name) (minor edit) — I'm on a Boat (editing "Summary") — Wikipedia-logo.png Improving Fight (created page) — The Inbetweeners (grammatical edit; additional link) — Instant-runoff voting (editing page) — Iran–European Union relations (minor edits) — ISDB-T International (stating redirection) — Johnny Cash at Madison Square Garden (amending review section) — January 27 (reverting conceptual error) — Jeffrey Dahmer (adding information) — Wikipedia-logo.png JME (rapper) (created page) — Jodie Foster (inserting image and caption) — John Barrowman (editing title and links) — John Field (Puritan) (correcting article name) — Joseph Kony (adding to "In the media") — Joseph Merrick (link addition) — Josie (adding to "Music video;" deleting unnecessary comments) — Julius Martov (minor admentments) — Karl Brazil (amending grammar; reverting vandalism) — Kassidy (redirect from nonsensical source) — Kett Rebellion (creating redirect) — Kill switch (grammatical editing) — Krist Novoselic (deleting unnescessary text) — Lead Belly (correcting input of authorship) — Leo Fender (small grammatical edits) — Libertines (adding article) — List of best-selling video games (amending "Top 20 console games of all time") — List of drummers (adding to section 'B') — List of guitarists (adding to section 'B') — List of critics (adding to section 'B') — Lord Alan Sugar (creating redirect) — Wikipedia-logo.png M+M's (created article) — Mafia II (updating release date) — Mario Caldato, Jr. (adding information) — Mefo bill (necessary redirect) — Mission Impossible (redirected page) — Motown Records (reverting vandalism) — Naked Cowboy (uploading image for article) — Naughty Dog (adding link) — Negative Creep (redirecting page) — Neighbourhoods (stating redirect) — Neighbourhoods (Blink-182 album) (adding track listing) — New prog (adding artist) — Nicki Minaj (adding decease hoax) — Nina Simone (necessity edit) — Non-disclosure agreement (sensical edit) — No WTO Combo (inserting template) — Ollenhauer (creating redirect) — Only Revolutions (album) (moving page) — Other Voices (The Doors album) (editing page) — Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad (amending image) — Passion (Christianity) (stating redirect, relevant article) — PS4 (redirecting page) — Pete Doherty (grammatical correction; additional information) — Podzols (redirecting page) — Portal:Current events/2011 April 19 (Adding politics news) — Portal:Current events/2012 February 8 (Amending sports news) — Portal:Current events/2012 January 14 (Amending disaster news) — Portal:Current events/Sidebar (Changing current sports events) — Pow! (Forward) (moving page to valid name) — Plan B (amending subject's name) — Plato (creating "Death" section) — PlayStation World (editing "Miscellaneous" section) — Wikipedia-logo.png PlayStation 4 (created page) — President of Cuba (deleting unnecessary text) — Prince Randian (editing subject's name) — Red Faction (series), Red Faction II, Red Faction: Guerrilla (inserting self-established template) — Resistance 2 (cleaning up article; correcting grammar) — Richard Keys (amending date of resignation) — Richard Overy (general edits; making links) — RT (TV network) (removing repeated information) — Ryan Dunn (more information) — Ryan Giggs (adding achievement) — S. M. Lockridge (amending title) — Samuel Wanjiru (editing word selection) — Wikipedia-logo.png SB.TV (created page) — Scott Raynor (editing "Discography") — Scream (editing page) — Seasick Steve (grammatical correction) — Siege of Hama (2011) (grammatical and link edits) — Sheela na gig ‎(inserting image) — Short Bus (EP) ‎(minor edit) — Skate (video game) (editing page) — Skate It (editing "External links") — Skate 2 (editing page) — Skepta (editing page) — Swing Kids (grammatical amendment) — Task Force (band) (moving page and minor edits) — Taxi Driver (film) (adding image and caption) — Technical knockout (correcting redirection) — The Apprentice (U.S. TV series) (amending link) — The Beginning (adding article) — Wikipedia-logo.png The Bottletop Band (creating page) — The Chavs (adding internal link) — The Great Depression (deleting section) — The Hurry and the Harm (adding "Deluxe Edition" bonus tracks) — The Incident (conspiracy) (trivial grammatical edit) — The Joy Formidable (adding appropriate genres) — The Libertines (inserting trivia) — The Stone Roses (minor grammatical edits) — The Yellow Shark (necessity edit) — Them Crooked Vultures (uploading audio file) — They Came to Conquer... Uranus (grammatical redirection) — Timothy Mason (grammatical amendments) — Top Gear (2002 TV series) (editing "Broadcasts") — Tupac Shakur (uploading audio file; inputting image) — Two Thousand Trees Festival (adding template) — UK Grime music (creating redirect) — Vampire Weekend (uploading audio file) — Vasili Arkhipov (amending image size and redundant links) — Veto (amending grammar) — Vincenzo Peruggia ‎(changing section) — Virgin Lands Campaign (minor amendment) — What's My Age Again? (correcting quotation) — Wikipedia-logo.png WikiProject Gloucestershire (created; promoted project) — Wikipedia-logo.png WikiProject Crytek UK (created; promoted project) — Worlds of Fun (editing gallery) — Wikipedia-logo.png Xbox 720 (created page) — Wikipedia-logo.png Young Kato (created page) — Yuck (band) (grammatical amendment) — ZIP code (correction of grammar)


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