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To Do:

  • add band infobox to Stolen Ogre
    • possibly add infobox for Road to Jericho
    • add infobox to Michael McMorrow
      • re-do earlier entry for Michael McMorrow (Michael McMorrow (murder victim))
  • Create pages for
    • What You and I Have Been Through
    • Live on the Rocks
    • 1,000,000 People Can't Be Wrong
  • Create page for Blues Doctors/Spinning Traveler

/Blues Traveler's ninth studio album

/Popper table

/Popper bio

/Al Snow

/Anderson family

/Vachon family

/Funk family

/Jorge Estrada

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Set Abominae:

WWA: Kevin Eck "Going global: the WWA is looking to find its niche by spanning the world, but will American audiences buy into the "Ice Capades" concept? - World Wrestling All-Stars". Wrestling Digest. June 2002. 05 Oct. 2007.

Finlay: Ronnie Spaciel "Finlay's whereabouts - The Fans Speak Out". Wrestling Digest. June 2002. 05 Oct. 2007.

BT/Sister Hazel:


Little Walter, Adler, Thielmans, SBW, Sonny Terry