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My random collection of junk[edit]

Criticism/what is Wikipedia?[edit]

A recent conflict made me think a bit. Oops.

Is wikipieda a scientific journal kind of thing where one makes changes only when they are throughly researched and documented?

Or is wikipedia the kind of thing where someone reading along says, "wait a minute- I know that's not true!" and does a google search and makes a correction along with some rationale and a couple of links. Or goes to the the history and reverts a vandal or a spinner. And gets sucked in, and contributes, and becomes part of the patrol.

One thing that really worries me is the amount of hostility I'm seeing lately toward the naive or the busy. The little contributions add up, and the mistakes can be corrected. But scare someone away and they're gone.

Something for those of you who are on the notability and reference tears of late: are you having a chilling effect? Please be nice.

--Treekids (talk) 07:19, 17 February 2008 (UTC)


"I think that one day there will be bioeletricidade."
-- Professor Expedito Parente of Brazil, the (re-)inventor of biodiesel, as translated by Google
"I think that wilipedeia is useless when it comes to real information."

archive audiobook and encode for car MP3 CD player[edit]

Title="Book Name / Author / Read by / (Un)abridged / Year"

title=$(echo "$Title"|perl -pe 's{ */ *}{-}g;s{ }{_}g')


targdir=/mnt/320GB/store/audiobooks/$title/disk$d && (mkdir -p "$targdir" && cd "$targdir" && EDITOR=vim abcde -o flac -b && eject /dev/cdrom )

# ... and repeat above for all disks ...

# standardize the flac (lossless) filenames...

for f in $(find disk*/ -name '*.flac'|sort); do dd=$(echo "$f"|perl -ne 'if(m{disk([0-9]+)/}){printf "%02d\n","$1"}'); tt=$(echo "$f"|perl -ne 'if(m{([0-9]+)\.flac}){printf "%02d\n","$1"}');echo "dd[$dd] tt[$tt] f[$f]"; mv $f flac/$dd-$tt.flac; done

# make mp3 files that range from tiny to high-quality

(cd $targdir && for flac in $(find . -name '*.flac' -type f|sort); do for kbps in 32 64 224; do destd=./mp3-${kbps}kbps/. && destf=$destd/$(basename $flac .flac).mp3 && echo "$flac -> $destf"; mkdir -p $destd && flac -c -d $flac | lame -s 44.1 --preset cbr $kbps - $destf; done; done )