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Role Experimental biplane bomber
Manufacturer Engineering Division/Pomilio Brothers
Designer Otterino Pomilio
First flight 1919
Primary user United States Army Air Corps
Number built 6

The Pomilio BVL-12 was a American experimental single-engine biplane bomber built by the United States Army Engineering Division to the design of Otterino Pomilio for the United States Army Air Corps after World War One.

Powered by a 400 hp (298 kW) Liberty V12, it would seat two. It featured an equal-span wing, the lower of the pair attached to the fuselage by struts, unique in the United States, rather than directly, which was more usual. Performance proved disappointing, and only six trial models were built.



Data from The Great Book of Fighters[1]

General characteristics



  • Hughes MX-1179 fire control system
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