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Wujifa Triangle of Progression

Wujifa (Chinese: 無極法) is a practice which often takes the form of a martial art, qigong and/or meditation. Wujifa encompasses the principles of internal (nèijiā) movement and connection. The word Wujifa translates from Chinese as Wuji 無極 (literally "without ridgepole") Fa (principle, law), or ultimate primordial principles. According to the founder, Richard Taracks, polarity, born from wuji, developed into the ten thousand things.[1] Wujifa looks to the original state of all things in their essence and defines wuji as everything being connected and views connection as a fundamental principle of practice.


Standing meditations (zhan zhuang) are an integral part of the art of Wujifa[2] and the foundation of the development of internal strength, or "nèigōng" (as opposed to external strength, "wàigōng"; regarding the use of body mechanics: see "Nèi Jìn" ). Emphasis is placed upon basic movement principles and alignment of the body in so as to maintain a stable and 'grounded' connection at all times. This idea of connection[3] is implicated on all levels of training and is essential to the development of whole body movement.[4] The practices consist of physical, somatics and intellectual training. This essential training is traditionally a part of the internal martial arts and is now (according to the founder of Wujifa) almost entirely lost to 'empty' forms and routines. Methodology is second to the feeling one 'experiences' in training, and to be discarded as the feeling is discovered. This is summed up in the mantra repeatedly emphasized by the founder; the method is not the truth, once you get the feeling, get rid of the method.[5]

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