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Cleaning a carpet:[edit]

Carpets are naturally warm and they are very good for cold season. Carpets are used mostly for good looks and used as a decoration piece.Cleaning of carpet is very important for living a healthy lifestyle. People also develop allergies from carpets because it catches dirt easily. Carpet's are healthy but if not shown proper care they become home for diseases and dirt. Carpet are not changed regularly so protecting the carpet becomes necessary.

Routine cleaning of a carpet:

They are very heavy and massive piece of rug so it gets difficult to clean-up a carpet regularly. It is hard to remove stain from carpets because it is furry. Carpet should be vacuum cleaned every week. Every corners should be properly vacuum cleaned because we have maximum traffic on the corners and difficult places. The ideal way of cleaning a carpet with the help of vacuum cleaner is to completely clean the room in one direction and again clean in opposite direction. Simple way to vacuum the Floor is to divide the home into quarters and clean every quarter twice.

Using door mats: In some countries and culture it's polite to take off the shoes outside the house. Doormats are very useful to protect the whole house from dust and dirt. Use of doormats is always helpful to protect dust from entering the house. Preference should be given to larger mats so that in cultures where people are allowed to wear shoes inside the house can wipe-out the dust off the shoes.

Removing shoes outside the house is healthy for keeping the house clean: Shoes bring dirt inside the house so shoes should be removed upon entrance into the house. This helps to keep the floor clean and germ free.

Cleaning carpets with Hot water and detergents: Carpet should be cleaned with hot water and washing soda and it should be ventilated properly afterwards. If not ventilated properly it catches dirt because wet carpet catches dirt easily.

The above methods are helpful for regular cleaning of carpets. Cleaning of carpets can be done by two methods one is The Traditional way where we use no chemicals and the next is the Modern way(using chemicals)for stain removal. Traditional way is helpful for houses with little children where as the modern way is quick.

The traditional way Modern way
Using doormats Using detergents
Using hot water or ice for fatty substances like oil or wax Using Alcohol or hydrogen per-oxide
Shoes removal and vacuum cleaning Using non-bleach detergent/white vinegar mixed with water

Binding the Edges of Carpet: This is actually done by hired workers because we usually don't have the equipment for binding the edge of the carpets Binding extends the durability of a carpet. Regular Upholstery Cleaning should be done for keeping house clean.

Carpet get smelly so you can use fragrances or baking soda to fight the odor of a carpet. Maintenance worker can be hired in case of damage of carpet due to any circumstances. The dry cleaning compresses the dirt but using chemicals bring back the shine of the carpets so it is good to use carpet cleaning and protecting chemicals sometimes.