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Developer(s) Acorn Computers
Operating system RISC OS
Platform Archimedes, RiscPC, A9home, Iyonix, Acorn clones
License Proprietary commercial software

In computing, Configure is an application which can be used to change and store operating system settings under RISC OS.


Configure was


The application launches a window containing a number of individual plug-in components. The plug-ins allow modification of configuration files and CMOS RAM settings.


Component Purpose OS version introduction/deprecation Notes
2 3 4 5 6
Boot booting 4.0
Discs disc storage 3.0
Floppies floppy disk 2.0 4.0 Later in Discs
Filer file system 3.0
Fonts fonts 3.0
Help online help 3.0
Keyboard keyboard 3.0
Lock 3.0
Memory memory 3.0
Mouse pointing device 3.0
Network/Internet computer networks 3.6
Pinboard wallpaper 3.0
Screen/Display graphics display resolution,
mode setting
Softload OS upgrades 4.0
Sound audio 3.0
System shared libraries 3.0 4.0 Later in Boot
Windows windows 3.0