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William Dana Orcutt
Born West Lebanon, New Hampshire
Died Boston
Occupation Book designer, author
Nationality American

William Dana Orcutt (1870-1953) was an American book designer, typeface designer, and author.


William Dana Orcutt was an important book and typeface designer in Boston, a important printmaking and bookmaking center, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Early in his career, Orcutt worked for John Wilson, proprietor of The University Press of Cambridge, Massachusetts (a forerunner of the Harvard University Press). Through his role at the University Press, Orcutt made contact with prominent authors such as Mary Baker Eddy, whose books he continued to publish throughout her career[1]. Along with several other important designers and printers such as Daniel Berkeley Updike and Bruce Rogers (typographer), Orcutt helped found the Boston Society of Printers in 1905. Orcutt was elected the first president of the Society, an organization inspired by the principles of the Arts and Crafts movement.

In 1910, Orcutt left the University Press to join The Plimpton Press in Norwood, Massachusetts [2]. Orcutt published several works on book making and book arts and remained active in professional societies related to printing and typography.


Typefaces designed by Orcutt include Humanistic, which was cast for the University Press in Cambridge, Massachusetts by the American Type Founders Company, French Round Face, and Suburban French [3]. The Humanistic typeface was designed for a special limited printing of a book on Petrarch, titled The triumphs of Francesco Petrarch, Florentine poet laureate published in 1906 — the type is so-named because the book series for which it was designed was the Humanistic series[4]. This typeface was adapted by the British foundry Stephenson Blake as Verona in 1948.


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  • In quest of the perfect book : reminiscences & reflections of a bookman. Boston: Little, Brown. 1926. 
  • The magic of the book; more reminiscences and adventures of a bookman. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. 1930. 
  • From my library walls; a kaleidoscope of memories,. New York; Toronto: Longmans, Green and Co., inc. 1945. 
  • Mary Baker Eddy and her books. Boston: Christian Science Pub. Society. 1950. 


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