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Personality.jpg This user's personality is so much more than the few userboxes describing it.
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Face-angel.svg I try to do the right thing. If I make a mistake, please let me know.
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My avatar

Hi all, this page is meant to introduce you to the person behind the nickname TriMoon ( or variants like Tri-Moon / Tri_Moon).

I use this nickname all over the internet, mainly when i test games in Alpha and or Beta stages.
Whenever possible i even use the nickname ©TriMoon™ to indicate that this name should only be used by me and none other in the game testing scene...
Which has still not happened since most gamers already know my nickname over the years Face-wink.svg

To further show others that it is really me i use the image on left as an avatar in various sizes, which i made self.

I also have a community setup where i list games i have or will be testing.
(I wont mention the site because that would break the wikipedia terms for advertisement)