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Welcome to the user page of Trident13

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Group motto:
"Education and information is the route to understanding each other - and making this world a better place!"

Personal thought after 4years here:
"Some of us with knowledge or talent, that we can reference-back up with the ability to research via reading,
were meant to create articles;
other often more aggressive types were meant to administer."

Major learning point: before becoming an administrator, try 10,000+ bits of creation!

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Welcome to my user page![edit]

I was introduced to this place by an experienced editor in April 2006, after he wrote an article about an online place I was a member of. After a heated debate over that article between current and former members of that place, a lot of sillyness, a three reverts removal, and involving a request for mediation - let's just say I learnt a lot about Wikipedia quickly!

The result of which was I got involved, and I enjoy writing or improving articles, mainly in the areas of:

  • Business
  • Motorcycles - I own four: 1956 BSA Golden Flash, 1973 Triumph Trident, 1978 Norton, 1998 Vespa ET4
  • Sports - Rugby, Football, Sailing (but not in that order if the sun's out)
  • Theatre & Entertainment - including Music
  • Cooking & Restaurants

If you have any questions about me, articles I have edited/contributed to, or you just want to communicate - then please leave a message on my Talk Page

----> Leave me a new message <-----

I will be the first to admit I don't always get it right - and the typed internet is not sometimes the best medium through which to have clear communication. But I hope the contribution I make is useful and valued ... even though Jimbo Wales doesn't think so, and made a personal attack on me. Lessson from this: (1) just because the Daily Mail holds you to account, and because you clearly don't understand the British Media/are an active supporter of the Labour Party, no need to get upset Jimbo; (2) Trust NO ONE around here, let the facts speak for themselves - even when the supporting references do change over a period of time!

My User Name[edit]

Trident13 is a reflection on a number of personal pieces in life:

  • Trident - the Anglican religious triumvirate; that there always seem to be three things/choices; Oh, and it also happens to be one of the models of motorcycle I own
  • 13 - unlucky for some? OK, sometimes for me as well, but also has a big recurring tie-in in my life

List of Projects[edit]

For me, the joy of Wikipedia is creation - although after a few of your articles get vandalised, you soon get into Troll hunting!

You can see the projects I am working on within my stub projects page, while the following is a list of articles which I started or heavily edited, which are now in use and on which I occasionally add a few extra's to:

My Geography[edit]

God's own country: Flag of Wales.svg
Places I've drawn a pay-cheque: Flag of England.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of the United States.svg Flag of Japan.svg
Places I've worked: Flag of Austria.svg Flag of Belgium.svg Flag of Canada.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Hong Kong.svg Flag of Ireland.svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of Norway.svg Flag of Scotland.svg Flag of South Africa.svg Flag of Spain.svg Flag of Sweden.svg Flag of Switzerland.svg
Places I've slept overnight, holidayed or partied in: Flag of Greece.svg Flag of Slovenia.svg Flag of Turkey.svg
Great places I've spent a few hours in: Vatican City Vatican City
Template shimmied-away from Bucketsofg who plagiarized it from Grutness who lifted idea from Moriori who half-inched from Calton who nicked it from Salsb who stole it from Guettarda who borrowed it from Coolcat

Awards and Stuff[edit]

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