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en This user is a native speaker of the English language.
es-4 El nivel de este usuario corresponde al de un hablante casi nativo del español.
spa Este user es un espeeker del Spanglish.
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Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user is a Wikipedian.
Wikipedia Reviewer.svg This user has pending changes reviewer rights on the English Wikipedia. (verify)
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Wikipedia-logo.png This user has been a member of Wikipedia since April 2008.
wiki-3 This user is an advanced Wikipedia editor.
Stop hand.svg This user maintains a strict policy advising against all personal attacks.
Unbalanced scales.svg This user strives to maintain a policy of neutrality on controversial issues.
<ref> This user recognizes the importance of citing sources.
WebCite This user believes in archiving sources to prevent link rot.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user has made over
42,000 edits on Wikipedia.
Pencil.svg This user has created 56 articles on Wikipedia.
Crystal kthememgr.svg This user has created 30 userboxes.
Cupandcover.jpg This user has an imperial Triple Crown.
Original Barnstar Hires.svg This user has been awarded 23 Barnstars on Wikipedia.
Updated DYK query Did you know... that this user has contributed 30 articles to the Did you know column?
Symbol support vote.svg This user helped promote 13 good articles on Wikipedia.
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National Standard of Ecuador.svg This user is a member of WikiProject Ecuador.
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WikiProject Film This user is a member of
WikiProject Film.
Comic Clapperboard.svg This user is a member of the Comic book films task force.
Fairytale Trash No.svg This user played a significant role in helping Jack the Giant Killer (2012 film) graduate from incubation.
Fairytale Trash No.svg This user played a significant role in helping The Wolverine (film) graduate from incubation.
Fairytale Trash No.svg This user played a significant role in helping Captain America: The Winter Soldier graduate from incubation.
Fairytale Trash No.svg This user played a significant role in helping The Avengers: Age of Ultron graduate from incubation.
Fairytale Trash No.svg This user played a significant role in helping Ant-Man (film) graduate from incubation.
Million award logo.svg This user won the Million Award for bringing The Avengers (2012 film) to Good Article status.
Million award logo.svg This user won the Million Award for bringing The Dark Knight Rises to Good Article status.
Million award logo.svg This user won the Million Award for bringing The Wolverine (film) to Good Article status.
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Black Paw.svg This user is owned by one or more dogs.
Rotating earth (large).gif This user enjoys sampling cuisines from all over the world.
b This user supports Blu-ray.
Xbox One This user owns an Xbox One.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user likes most types of music.
NYY pinstripes.png This user is a New York Yankees fan.
Antibosox.png This user despises the Boston Red Sox. Large bonfire.jpg
Shinai.jpg This user is a kendoka. 剣道

Video-x-generic.svg This user enjoys films.
3d glasses red cyan.svg This user enjoys 3-D films.
HD Television.svg This user enjoys high-definition television.
Hsfist.jpg This user is a fan of The Howard Stern Show.
Comic-sketch.jpg This user enjoys comics.
A This user supports the Avengers.
GL This user supports the Green Lantern Corps.
JL This user supports the Justice League.
Mjollnir.png This user knows that whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.
BA This user has a Bachelor of Arts degree.
♂ This user is male.
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Generation Y.
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United States of America.
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Scorpio This user is a Scorpio.
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Userbox prefer.svg This user prefers using userboxes to fill up his user page instead of actually writing something useful.

Articles created[edit]

# Article Date Class
1 Thor (Marvel Comics) in other media 2009-06-06  List 
2 Avengers (comics) in other media 2009-06-06  List 
3 Kelda (comics) 2009-06-26 Start-Class article Start 
4 Narcisa de Jesús 2009-08-26 B-Class article B 
5 Mercedes de Jesús Molina 2009-08-28 Stub-Class article Stub 
6 Red Dawn (2012 film) 2009-09-15 C-Class article C 
7 List of Thor (Marvel Comics) supporting characters 2009-10-24  List 
8 Thor (film) 2010-01-11  GA 
9 Red (2010 film) 2010-01-18 B-Class article B 
10 Green Lantern (film) 2010-03-15  GA 
11 Avengers Academy 2010-04-19 C-Class article C 
12 Marvel Cinematic Universe 2010-05-10  GA 
13 Captain America: The First Avenger 2010-06-28  GA 
14 Hawkeye & Mockingbird 2010-07-13 C-Class article C 
15 The Avengers (2012 film) 2010-07-27  GA 
16 Ellen Wong 2010-08-15 Start-Class article Start 
17 The Hangover Part II 2010-10-12 B-Class article B 
18 Breakout (The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes) 2010-11-05 C-Class article C 
19 Thor: God of Thunder 2010-12-02 C-Class article C 
20 Widowmaker (Marvel Comics) 2011-01-06 Start-Class article Start 
21 5 Ronin 2011-02-27 C-Class article C 
22 Wrath of the Titans 2011-03-23 C-Class article C 
23 Jack the Giant Slayer 2011-04-14 B-Class article B 
24 Casa de Mi Padre 2011-04-14 C-Class article C 
25 Thor (soundtrack) 2011-05-05 C-Class article C 
26 World War Z (film) 2011-07-05 B-Class article B 
27 2011 Scream Awards 2011-09-07  List 
28 Wonder Woman in other media 2011-10-18 Start-Class article Start 
29 List of Marvel Cinematic Universe cast members 2011-10-19 Featured list FL 
30 The Avengers (soundtrack) 2012-03-31 C-Class article C 
31 Thor: The Dark World 2012-04-20  GA 
32 The Wolverine (film) 2012-07-10  GA 
33 Marvel NOW! 2012-08-07 C-Class article C 
34 The Hangover Part III 2012-09-10 B-Class article B 
35 The Hangover (film series) 2012-09-12 Start-Class article Start 
36 Red 2 (film) 2012-09-30 C-Class article C 
37 A+X 2012-10-25 Stub-Class article Stub 
38 Fearless Defenders 2012-11-11 B-Class article B 
39 List of accolades received by The Avengers (2012 film) 2013-01-14 Featured list FL 
40 Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2013-01-15  GA 
41 Avengers: Age of Ultron 2013-07-21  GA 
42 Ant-Man (film) 2013-09-03  GA 
43 Superman/Wonder Woman 2013-10-10 C-Class article C 
44 Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) 2013-11-07  GA 
45 List of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. characters 2013-12-11  List 
46 Doctor Strange (2016 film) 2014‎-01-17  GA 
47 Black Panther (film) 2014‎-01-18 C-Class article C 
48 A-Force 2015-02-06 B-Class article B 
49 Production of Avengers: Infinity War 2015‎-03-23 C-Class article C 
50 Avengers: Age of Ultron (soundtrack) 2015-04-15 C-Class article C 
51 Ant-Man (soundtrack) 2015-07-16 Start-Class article Start 
52 Civil War II 2016-01-12  GA 
53 Runaways (TV series) 2016‎-08-17 Start-Class article Start 
54 Champions (2016 team) 2016-09-28 Start-Class article Start 
55 List of accolades received by Deadpool (film) 2017-01-10  List 
56 Generations (comics) 2017-03-07 Stub-Class article Stub 

Drafts created[edit]

# Article Date Class
1 Draft:Captain Marvel (film) 2014‎-08-19  Draft 
2 Draft:New Warriors (TV series) 2017‎-04-05  Draft 
3 Draft:Untitled X-23 film 2017-10-24  Draft 

Special pages created[edit]

# Page Date Class
1 Category:Ecuadorian Roman Catholic Blesseds 2009-08-28 Category page Category 
2 Template:Hercules 2009-11-11  Template 
3 Template:Thor family tree 2010-01-15  Template 
4 Category:Films directed by Robert Schwentke 2010-01-24 Category page Category 
5 Template:Infobox comics character and title 2010-02-09  Template 
6 Category:Thor (Marvel Comics) 2010-08-11 Category page Category 
7 Category:Thor (Marvel Comics) in other media 2010-08-11 Category page Category 
8 Category:Canadian people of Cambodian descent 2010-08-16 Category page Category 
9 Template:Namor 2011-03-16  Template 
10 Template:Tarsem Singh 2011-04-04  Template 
11 Template:The Hangover 2012-09-12  Template 
12 Category:The Hangover (franchise) 2012-09-12 Category page Category 
13 Template:Uncanny Avengers 2012-10-11  Template 
14 Category:Films directed by Anthony and Joe Russo 2013-01-15 Category page Category 
15 Category:Screenplays by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely 2013-01-15 Category page Category 
16 Template:Marvel NOW! 2013-07-15  Template 
17 Category:Marvel Comics giants 2013-10-24 Category page Category 
18 Category:S.H.I.E.L.D. agents 2013-12-11 Category page Category 
19 Template:Draft article 2014-01-17  Template 
20 Category:Draft articles 2014-01-18 Category page Category 
21 Template:Captain Marvel 2014-06-03  Template 
22 Template:Jessica Jones 2015-08-24  Template 
23 Template:Luke Cage 2015-08-24  Template 
24 Template:Iron Fist 2015-08-24  Template 
25 Template:Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story 2015-08-24  Template 
26 Template:Marvel Comics deities 2017-06-08  Template 

Userboxes created[edit]

# Userbox Date Class
1 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Television/HDTV 2009-04-16  Template 
2 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Television/SDTV 2009-04-16  Template 
3 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Thor 2009-06-18  Template 
4 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Green Lantern 2009-06-18  Template 
5 User:UBX/Userboxes/Wikipedia/Stats and Tools/Images 2009-06-26  Template 
6 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Red Lantern 2009-07-31  Template 
7 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Orange Lantern 2009-07-31  Template 
8 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Yellow Lantern 2009-07-31  Template 
9 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Blue Lantern 2009-07-31  Template 
10 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Indigo Lantern 2009-07-31  Template 
11 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Violet Lantern 2009-07-31  Template 
12 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Black Lantern 2009-07-31  Template 
13 Wikipedia:WikiProject Ecuador/Userbox 2009-08-11  Template 
14 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Captain Marvel 2009-09-28  Template 
15 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Thor 2 2010-06-10  Template 
16 User:UBX/Userboxes/Wikipedia/Stats and Tools/DYK 2010-07-10  Template 
17 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/White Lantern 2010-07-15  Template 
18 User:UBX/Userboxes/Food/International Cuisine 2010-08-26  Template 
19 Template:User Comic book films task force 2011-01-25  Template 
20 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Film/3D 2011-01-31  Template 
21 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Film/No 3D 2011-01-31  Template 
22 User:UBX/Userboxes/Religion/Roman Catholic 2011-02-16  Template 
23 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Wolverine 2011-02-25  Template 
24 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Wonder Woman 2011-02-26  Template 
25 Template:User web archive 2011-11-25  Template 
26 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Shazam 2011-11-29  Template 
27 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Justice League 2012-01-12  Template 
28 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Avengers 2012-01-12  Template 
29 User:UBX/Userboxes/Media/Comics/Ms. Marvel 2013-11-14  Template 
30 User:UBX/Userboxes/Games/Xbox One 2014-07-03  Template 

Images uploaded[edit]