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This contributor to Wikipedia is female, so don't call her male!

Things that for some reason need to be said:

  • For God’s sake stop sabotaging drafts!!!
  • Once again, I am not a guy. Stop fucking calling me he/him.
  • My own feminist beliefs do not inform me to treat women better just because of our chromosomes and reproductive organs. When I edit women’s pages or propose them for deletion, I do my best to make sure it’s no different than if it was a man. Vice versa. I don’t treat men differently than women. I do not propose deletion just because someone is female or male. And I damn sure don’t believe in the ethos that because Wikipedia is predominantly comprised of male-subject articles that THAT is a reason for keeping an article (even when it’s not explicitly said, you know when that is happening) or creating it. Because that’s sexist. And I despise sexism. I don’t give favoritism to either sex.
  • I don’t propose articles for deletion just for the shits and giggles. I propose them when, beyond reasonable doubt, the article does not meet Wikipedia standards and there is no discernible path seen to fix it. Don’t let my unorthodox way of typing fool you: I care no more about the result of votes in a deletion discussions than a referee should care about a final score. I abide by my interpretation of POLICY (the ones I know at least). The reason I have to be so active over there is because there are so many articles that should not be on Wikipedia per guidelines and all common sense, yet slip through the cracks. You don’t have to like me. And for fuck’s sake I have no investment in the outcome or how people decide to vote on what I propose. When it’s closed, I move on to the next. Just because I staunchly defend my positions, doesn’t mean I have any emotional feelings about any article. Common sense, people.
  • I do not dedicate my life to Wikipedia so I don’t care about obscure essays disguised as policy.
  • I call it how I see it. If it ain’t civil it ain’t civil.
  • Stop embedding references you lazy bums.

With that said... I started this account years ago to edit without an IP address and threw a completely random username together from a generator. I generally edit entertainment, film, and modeling articles, with the occasional politic here or there. And I make it my mission to reliably and verifiably source relationships, real relationships that is, instead of simply dismissing everything as "gossip". I apply that same even hand to actual gossip, which is when I have to swat away flies. Most of the articles I create are fashion models who don't have an article yet (at this point, I’m starting new ones daily). My goal for next year is to reach 100 page creations. Currently on an indefinite deletion spree. ‼️ Articles with no reliable sources (or none found), no notability, and relying on one source will be proposed for deletion. 🚫 DELETIONS ARE NOT PERSONAL NOR BASED ON HOW I FEEL ABOUT THE SUBJECT. If I was proposing articles of people I just didn’t like then Cheeto-in-Chief wouldn’t have a page. Clearly that’s not how it works.

Semi-frequent contributions to This is Us, Shameless (U.S. TV series) and Atlanta (TV series). Vigilantly shielding Drake-related articles against inexperienced “editors” who continuously disrupt the article with rumors or removing factual information. ⚔️

ADHDThis user has ADHD and tends to start articles and .... hey look at that! Let me work on that article.

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I’m not all bad...[edit]

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