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About Me:[edit]

I'm user Trinjac and I make it a pastime of mine to edit, correct and make articles on military & firearm Wikipedia pages. I get most of my infromation through books and publicly released documents from governments. My knowledge range mainly from Cold War-Middle Eastern conflicts and firearms from WWII-Present. My favorite topics are the Cold War (ICBM's and the Space Race) and Assault Rifles AK-47 assault rifle.jpg . I am also very knowledable on all the US branches of the military, especialy USMC USMC & USN USN.I am an NJROTC Seal of the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.svg Cadet with the rank of C/PO2 PO2 collar.png at Issaquah High School Issaquah High School 01.jpg .I also create pictures for gun articles.

Gun Art (own work)[edit]

I make these guns in the Windows application, Paint, and format the pictures and add the effects in Powerpoint. I do take requests. See talk page

Pages I've made![edit]

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