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After the Jan 18, 2012 so called English Wikipedia blackout I am now seriously considering never again editing a single piece of information on this site, and probably won't. A number of WP Elitists took it upon themselves to address a political issue by using this site and improperly suggested that US legislation would censor users of the internet, which in fact, was not correct. The WP Elitists did not, and have not, created this site - you have, and you come from all types of political frameworks.

Wikipedia should stay out of politics!

Wikipedia should be ashamed of itself for taking a "free content" site, provided for free by others, and distorting it so that they would not have to enforce responsibility measures regarding this site's content. The amount of plagiarism on this site is staggering, and Wikipedia has a responsibility to address it under law.

Wikipedia should STAY the hell out of politics! Shame on them!!

Wikipedia is NOT advocacy!