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Why Wikipedia has lost its decent users[edit]

  • People are too busy looking for stuff to delete, because they are too talentless to add anything useful.
  • People use bots, posting warnings about pages and images that were around a long time before the administration got super-anal.
    • A warning is posted on a talk page - which the user has stopped checking, because this place is now so demoralising. In a week the picture is deleted.
    • Nutjobs who panic about a photo of a product having a brand name on it, with some weird idea that there's going to be a lawsuit! What the hell!
  • Asperger's losers who can't see the wood for the trees, robotically following rules (which were originally arbitrary!) thinking that they are doing someone a favour, when the only thing they are doing is soothing their own OCD.
  • Cult of personality - Jimbo's face everywhere - NO. NO. NO.
  • Rules and regulations - thousands upon thousands! More bureaucracy than a United Nations lesbian convention.

Anyway, that's why I seldom contribute nowadays. It makes me sad to see what this place has become - and I'm not the only one.

Wikipedia Losing Contributors, Says Wales[edit]

Here's some quotes I liked:

  • There's an easy reason for this. The admins are, generally speaking, dicks. This wouldn't be a problem if they were in touch with the community, but they aren't.
  • Or more likely they're sick of the cabals that form. Wikipedia has lost lots of contributers over the past few years because of them, and will continue to do so unless these spergmeisters are kicked off the pages that they edit camp.
Yep. Wikipedia was in trouble from the moment "deletionists" became a word.
  • If by simplifying editing procedures you mean getting rid of the untouchable wiki nazi admins, there may be hope still.
  • My changes were immediately reverted and I was harassed by one of their overzealous editors for not citing a source. The change in question was correcting someone's grammar. I'm not surprised one bit that they're losing contributors.

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