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About Me[edit]

Hello people of Wikipedia. My name is William please just called me Trulystand700. I am a contributor to Wikipedia. As I am a New Yorker I hail my city, and I am an American citizen. I am here to add information to Wikipedia when I am bored with real life activities, and also learning and teaching people older or younger then me is one of my favorite things to do. I will not try to harm Wikipedia, and I am doing my best to tags images and articles. I will do my best to help Wikipedia here, and I will never hate Wikipedia, but I am not tolerant of people bothering and teasing people. If someone is hurt I would try to defend them. If they pick on me I would typically fight back.

I do have an interest of the computer, and I am addicted to the Internet. I am also working, and studying to be a future architect. As of now I am still learning about it. I am a faithful citizen of the United States of America. I am willing to grow up, raise kids, and die here. I would never leave American soil unless if it's for a vacation, or war, or whatever. I would like people more if they could make me laugh.

Ad's, Pictures, and Lists[edit]

RMS Queen Mary 2
Just a cow.
Born on the year of the Rooster.
An Airbus A380
Just Fine.
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