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Fiat Club America

North American based owner and enthusiast club of the Fiat brand automobiles and other Italian marques. FIAT Club America is the largest and most active FIAT brand enthusiast group in North America, with local chapters holding yearly events that draw attendees from all over the world. Founded in 1983, this is a real club with a solid history of success. Fiat Club America is a non-profit enthusiast car club and operates independently of Fiat Group and Chrysler Group LLC.

History Two enthusiasts decided to meet in 1982 and discuss an idea for gathering like minded enthusiasts in eastern Pennsylvania. Ironically it was the same year that FIAT and Lancia distribution ceased in leave North America. The original name of the new club was Fiat Lancia Underground or “FLU”, since it had no affiliation with FIAT S.p.A. and they were on their own without factory support. The club grew quickly and decided to print their own newsletter to announce events, post member stories and offer helpful tech tips. Dues were $5 per year. The newsletter was still hand typed and copied, but it was a great way to spread the word.

The club decided to change it’s name to Fiat Lancia Unlimited in 1986 to welcome all Italian automobiles and widen it’s appeal to enthusiasts all over the world. The club magazine went from the early days hand typed newsletter to a professional style on glossy paper. The magazine called “Ricambi” and was published 6 times per year. The issue featured opinion columns and members gladly shared their wonderful adventures with FIAT and Lancia automobiles.

After the FIAT-Chrysler alliance in 2009, Chrysler sent a representative with a brand new 2008 FIAT 500 to FIAT FreakOut for the club members to see. It was the first time a manufacturer owned FIAT 500 had been shown outside of an indoor auto show in North America. Local TV stations and Motorweek ran great photos and helped build the anticipation toward what was in store. FIAT FreakOut’s 2010 show was held in Asheville the summer of 2010, and the new FIAT team joined the show to celebrate imminent return of FIAT to North America. there was a surprise announcement at the show that FLU members would be the very first to reserve one of 500 new cars called the Prima Edizione 500. FIAT had 2 new cars on display at FreakOut and a special state of the art kiosk complete with a cafe and boutique.

In 2012, the club officially changed their name to Fiat Club America.

FreakOut FreakOut is the name of the club's annual National Convention. FIAT FreakOut is a weekend packed with adventure. We get together, talk FIAT, eat, drive FIAT, talk FIAT, hang out, relax, talk FIAT, drive FIAT, meet new friends and old, talk FIAT, have big parking lot parties late into the night, again talking FIAT. FIAT FreakOut is an unforgettable weekend enjoying your car, your company of friends and family. The weekend usually starts on Thursday (FFO rule) with a special event, then Friday the action really gets going with an activity, a short drive, pool party, dinner and a drive in movie. Then on Saturday it’s the big concourso car show then a short afternoon drive. After a short break, it’s the big Saturday night banquet party and awards ceremony. Sunday morning is a raffle prize breakfast then another closeout event activity before we drive home.

FIAT FreakOut started in the Pocono Mauntains in 1983, and has moved all over the eastern United States. After the Poconos it moved to Hagarstown, MD, then to Poughkeepsie, NY, then to Fontana, NC, Grand Island, NY, Dunkirk, NY, Canaan Valley, WV, Asheville, NC, Osage Beach, MO, on to Detroit and finally back to the Poconos for the 25th Anniversary FreakOut in 2008. It was Valley Forge, PA in 2009 and once again in Asheville, NC for the 2010 show. FIAT FreakOut is hosted by a Chapter in the region, and every effort is made to make the cost as reasonable as possible. For a complete list of previous FIAT FreaOuts and locations, click here.

From all over North America, and often from overseas, hundreds of Italian car lovers drive, trailer, and fly in to converge at a chosen destination, usually rich in history and culture, to play!

Regional Chapters There is about thirty local and regional chapters of the club who help to organize members at the local level.

Ricambi Magazine

Ricambi is a full color magazine dedicated to the FIAT and Lancia experience! Ricambi is also the historic chronicle of Fiat Club America’s members and brings the club’s adventures to life every single issue. The members send in their own stories from around the corner or around the world. Find out information about your car with tech articles and advice, network with parts and service vendors. The magazine comes with FCA membership and is published six times per year in full color. Ricambi is packed with great stories, tech articles, editorials and member experiences from North America and all over the world. It also features helpful tips, resources and interesting new products. Ricambi is produced and supported by FCA members from all over the world. Hundreds of writers have contributed to the magazine.


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