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I'm briefly back somewhat part-time for the following projects/pages:
  • Charles Bucke: New information has surfaced about this author and I'll be working on incorporating it.
  • I will be working on translating a series of articles from French Wikipedia over to English Wikipedia concerning the Le Coat de Kerveguen family. Links will be posted here as I create them.

I'm in and out of wikipedia in the meantime. If you're interested in helping with either of these, please feel free to get up with me on my talk page. (4/24/14)

SPECIAL NOTE: I am, for the most part, inactive on Wikipedia. While what is on this page is not untrue, it should also be considered ancient history unless otherwise noted. I now make sporadic edits on extremely rare occasions and only when I feel something is in dire need of fixing and/or discussion. Comments directed at me should be left on my talkpage, but fair warning that it could be a seemingly impossible amount of time before I see them. Thanks.


I'm a member of Wikiproject Japan and occasionally deal with Japanese Rock music here on Wikipedia and am a retired veteran of the Gackt page, so if you've found your way here, it's possible you found me from there.

If you'd like to talk with me, please leave a comment on my discussion page. Please bear in mind that my activity is sporadic so don't bet all your chips on an immediate response.

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Who are you anyway?[edit]

I'm a jack-of-all-trades and part-time token foreigner living in Japan.


According to the userboxes, I've got a keen interest in history, art, and literature, etc..


I'm a part of WikiProject Japan and focus mainly on Japanese Rock articles, usually Visual Kei. I'm also a part of the Counter-Vandalism Unit for a few VK artist pages.

Pages currently working on[edit]

  • Gackt- I'm a former regular editor of this page.
  • Charles Bucke- Page I created. Oddly enough, since I originally wrote it, it seems there's slightly more information on the internet regarding this author than there used to be. Could it be due to this article? Perhaps that's wishful thinking on my part. Even so, I'm obliged to anyone whose interest has been piqued by this very obscure author, poet, and playwright and created new interest and research into him and his life's works. Who knows? One day, perhaps, his tragedy 'The Italians' might one day be performed again under the conditions it rightly deserves.
  • Tetsu Takano- Page I recreated after it was created by others and deleted multiple times for plagiarism from a well-known Malice Mizer website run by user Flowersofnight . It was sparse when I started with it, but I'm pleased to see that some fans have picked it up and run with it.

I once regularly checked the pages for S.K.I.N., Moi dix Mois, Mana, and Malice Mizer whenever I had the patience for it but have since retired. I'm also a spontaneous editor of occasional pages I happen to run across.

On rare occasions, I will check on some non-english counterpart pages on subjects that interest me and might make minor edits on them. Most recently I've edited the Japanese Farscape page for romanization errors on character names.