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Who am I? In no particular order: Computer geek, Linux geek, Debian user. Amateur programmer and computer builder. Mostly-recovered Wikipediholic. Science fiction fan; formerly active in organized fandom, but there isn't much in North Central Florida. Otaku. Inactive Go player. Recovered computer game addict. Apostate former randroid. Currently living in Florida. Professionally diagnosed Aspie. Atheist. Politics generally "liberal", though I recognize that term is practically meaningless these days. Vegetarian. Folkie.

I have spoken with Frank Chu. Probably like most people who have done so, I didn't understand what the hell he was talking about.

Tualha is a character in A Wizard Abroad (ISBN 0152162380) by Diane Duane. I started using it for a similar character on a MUD, and went on to use it all over the 'net.

Things I like: