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If you have beef take it to the Kitchen!

Work in Progress[edit]

Finished Created Work[edit]

Article looks nice, but I always thought hambone was more than just dance. See and

"Hambone" is a name for a particular way of using body percussion to accompany songs with very rhythmic combinationds [sic]. It involves many body percussion sounds, in addition to the usual stamp, pat, clap and snap.

It might even be considered to have had an influence on Beatboxing:

Although that article's history section is woefully inadequate. See:

You might also find this article on the "unique sound" of the U.S. Virgin Islands interesting: Good luck! Ileanadu (talk) 17:57, 24 January 2009 (UTC)

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Future Goals[edit]

  • Fill out Ryukyu culture articles
  • Use pyramid power either to rule the world or to make it a better place or both

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