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The pages linked above list and show all railroad route diagram icons available in the Wikimedia Commons under the common filename prefix "BSicon". Unlike many such lists (most notably AlisonW’s “simplex” tables, among several others) this does not attempt to list only the correctly named icons, nor organizes them in any logical fashion. This list is not prescritive, it is just a dump of whatever is there the Wikimedia Commons filenamed as "BSicon_‡*" (where "*" is any string (“base ID”: header row in the tables) and "" is a lower case recognizable prefix string (header column in the tables), or the empty string).

I downloaded the filenames of each and every appliable file in Commons (8328 of them), names starting with "BSicon" as of 2011.02.05 (5th update, after a 1st one in 2009.09), and generated these tables with that filename list. (Big user pages, such as these, seem to overtax the servers, so the update history is spotty, to say the least.) As expected, only a very fraction of the names have wide usability, though there is more ill-chosen names than I expected, even allowing for “private” localizations of the general scheme.

The 2890 base IDs and 198 prefixes thus gathered were used to build the following, for each initial letter of the base ID:

  1. Table with AlisonW’s “simplex” templates, covering 33 prefixes, “good” ones. (Here were included also all prefixless base IDs, however unstandard)
  2. Table with AlisonW’s previous templates, also covering 33 prefixes, also “good” ones. Overlaps the previous except for 10 prefixes, covering dual lines and light/heave mixed lines.
  3. As «Leftovers», all other prefixes used for more than 1 icon (115 of them), some “good”, most not so: b bu bue buu d dh dt dx ed ek em emd emh emt emv etv eu exb exd exdh exdt exk exleer exm exmd exmh exmt extd extv exwhf f gwhf hv k leer m md mdh mev mexv mf mh mt mv mve mvu mvuex mxv td tex tk tx ud udd udh udt ued uem uemd uemg uemh uemt uev uexd uexdh uexm uexmd uexmg uexmh uexmt uexv uexvq ug ugdd ugm ugt uhv um umd umev umexv umg umh umt umv umxv utd uth utv uv uvt uxd uxg uxm uxmd uxmg uxmh uxmt uxp uxv uyg uzg vt vu vux whf xd xk xm xmd xmdh xmh xmt xtv xwhf. I broke up this list in 4 handy segments in order to avoid extra-wide tables:
    1. b to exwhf (30 prefixes)
    2. f to tx (22 prefixes)
    3. ud to uhv (25 prefixes)
    4. um to uzg (25 prefixes)
    5. vt to xwhf (13 prefixes)
  4. Finally, «Uniques», these 38, which are used by a single BSicon, and can thus be listed outside a table: bt bubmd bubtv buumd buuu de dr edh erfrg eve exe exg exmu exve fm l lg mueu mvt rf tlg trf ueg uemtd uemv uexmtd uexve umtd uve uxgm uxmtd uxzg vh vum xdt xlglf xtd xve

These tables can be used to find a sought icon under an unexpected name, and to highlight duplications. All users welcome to use it. Please do not edit these tables, as they are half-manually generated from the listing at Commons.