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"No one is injured save by himself".
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My work

I have focused mainly on Youngstown, Ohio, since spring of 2006. Now that Youngstown, Ohio, is a featured article, I look forward to broadening the scope of my efforts. Below is a partial list of articles to which I've contributed.

Articles created or expanded: Andrew Kosco . Ban Johnson . Billy Evans . Billy Rhiel . Billy the Kid . Bob DiPiero . Bob Dove . Bob Hagan . Brier Hill . Butler Institute of American Art . Charles Comiskey . Charlie Morton . David Tod . Dorothy Day . Dwight "Dike" Beede . Ed O'Neill . Edward J. DeBartolo, Sr. . Edward J. Hogan . Edwin O'Connor . Elizabeth Hartman . Ella P. Stewart . Floyd Baker . Frank J. Battisti . Frank Sinkwich . Franz Werfel . George Cappuzzello . George Poschner . George Shuba . George D. Wick . Good Humor . Handel's Homemade Ice Cream & Yogurt . Harry Arroyo . Harry Burt . Harry Meshel . Hazelton (Youngstown, Ohio) . Henry Lawrence Burnett . Herb Washington . Idora Park . Irish American . Jack Kralick . Jack Scheible . Jack Warner . Jack Warner (actor) . James A. Campbell . James Farragher . James Traficant . Jane Randolph . Jay Clayton . Jay Williams (politician) . Jeff Lampkin . Jerry Olsavsky . Jim Cummings . Jimmy McAleer . Joe Flynn (US actor) . Johnny Kucab . John Young (pioneer) . John D. Reese . Joseph G. Butler, Jr. . Joseph A. McDonald . Kelly Pavlik . Ken Smith (baseball player) . Kolkata leather factory fire . Kyungpook National University . Lancaster Red Roses . Lansingville . List of mayors of Youngstown, Ohio . List of people from Youngstown, Ohio . List of University of Notre Dame alumni . Louis Hartz . Louis J. Salmon . Margaret Hamilton . Mark Malaska . Martin J. Hillenbrand . Marty Hogan . Marty Hogan (racquetball player) . Mary Wells Lawrence . Matt Cavanaugh . Maureen McGovern . Mel Watkins (author) . Michael J. Kirwan . Michael McGovern (poet) . Michael I. Monus . Michael Pataki . Mike Farragher . Mill Creek Park . Nathaniel R. Jones . New Castle, Pennsylvania . Niles, Ohio . Oakland Center for the Arts . Ohio-Pennsylvania League . Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth . Pat Bilon . Paul Maguire . Powers Auditorium . Ray Mancini . Rayen High School (Youngstown, Ohio) . Raymond Chandler . Roman Catholic Diocese of Youngstown . Roosevelt Zanders . Ross H. Spencer . Roy Castleton . Russell "Busty" Ashbaugh . Russell "Pete" Ashbaugh . Sam Warner . Schwebel's Bakery . Simeon Booker . Sloko Gill . Sonny Horne . Stambaugh Auditorium . Stan Coveleski . Staughton Lynd . Stiv Bators . Tiny Bradshaw . Tony Janiro . Victor Slezak . Volney Rogers . Wick Park . William M. Cafaro . William H. Calbreath . William Holmes McGuffey . William J. Leonard . William R. Burnett . William R. Stewart . Woodrow Wilson High School (Youngstown, Ohio) . Youngstown Browns . Youngstown Champs . Youngstown Gremlins . Youngstown Hardhats . Youngstown Historical Center of Industry and Labor . Youngstown Indians . Youngstown, Ohio . Youngstown Ohio Works . Youngstown Patricians . Youngstown Playhouse . Youngstown Pride (basketball team) . Youngstown State University . Youngstown Steelmen . Zanesville Infants

Featured articles: FA Jack Warner FA Jimmy McAleer FA Youngstown Ohio Works FA Youngstown, Ohio

Things to do: Upgrade Ohio-related baseball articles, including Andy Kosco, Ban Johnson, Billy Evans, Billy Rhiel, Buck Rodgers, Charles Comiskey, Charlie Morton, Charlie Ziegler, Cleveland Blues, Cleveland Spiders, Columbus Clippers, Cy Young, Dave Dravecky, Deacon McGuire, Dummy Hoy, Ed Delahanty, Floyd Baker, George Cappuzzello, George Shuba, George Sisler, Ginger Clark, Herb Washington, Jack Kralick, Jack Scheible, Jim Delahanty, Jimmy McAleer, Johnny Kucab, John Reese, Joseph A. McDonald, Ken Smith (baseball player), Kenesaw Mountain Landis, Mahoning Valley Scrappers, Marty Hogan, Ohio-Pennsylvania League, Pete Rose, Red Ames, Roger Clemens, Roy Castleton, Youngstown Browns, Youngstown Champs, Youngstown Gremlins, Youngstown Indians, and Zanesville Infants.

Other things to do: Upgrade Ohio-related articles on actors and filmmakers, including Anne Heche, Carmen Electra, Chris Columbus, Clark Gable, Dean Martin, Drew Carey, Doris Day, Ed O'Neill, Elizabeth Hartman, Halle Berry, Jane Randolph, Jim Backus, Joe Flynn, Katie Holmes, Lillian Gish, Margaret Hamilton, Martin Sheen, Pat Bilon, Paul Lynde, Paul Newman, Ray Mancini, Rob Lowe, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tere Tereba, Tim Conway, Tyrone Power, and Victor Slezak.

Still other things to do: Upgrade or maintain Ohio-related articles on figures in U.S. military history, including Benjamin Harrison, Curtis LeMay, David Tod, Edwin M. Stanton, Frank J. Battisti, George Armstrong Custer, George Poschner, George W. Morgan, Henry Lawrence Burnett, Hugh Boyle Ewing, James A. Garfield, Rutherford B. Hayes, Salmon P. Chase, Sandra Scheuer, Staughton Lynd, Ulysses S. Grant, William Dennison (Ohio governor), and William Tecumseh Sherman.


Barnstar-goldrun7.png This Running Man Barnstar is doubly appropriate; not only because of the huge contribution you've made to a sports article–Youngstown Ohio Works–but also because of the amazing speed with which you did it. Congratulations.--ROGER DAVIES talk 00:19, 11 December 2007 (UTC)

Wiki medal.jpg For your hard work on Youngstown Ohio Works, Youngstown, Ohio, Jimmy McAleer and now Jack Warner, all featured articles, please accept this Featured Article Medal. --ROGER DAVIES talk 06:16, 16 March 2008 (UTC)

Ohio Barnstar.png Let me be the first to bestow upon you the Ohio Barnstar of Merit. For all of your great work in getting Ohio articles to Featured status. We at WikiProject Ohio thank you. this WikiAward was given to Twelsht by §hep¡Talk to me! on 20:57, 8 April 2008 (UTC)