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Charles Lutz (Born 1982 , in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania) is a contemporary artist living and working in Brooklyn New York. He received his BFA from Pratt Institute in 2004 and was formerly a painter for artist Jeff Koons. Lutz's work deals with sociopolitical issues such as class disparity, but is most know for his works that scrutinizes the world of Contemporary Art. Lutz's 2007 Warhol Denied series gained him international attention when he called into question motives of the Warhol Authentication Board and larger art society by creating officially "Denied" Warhol paintings. Lutz's 2008 "Sold" series went on to comment on the current auction market's record breaking sales. [1]

In July 2010, Lutz created large scale paintings based on the auction sales price lists of Christie's and Sotheby's, as well as large scale photos taken from both auction house's own promotional catalogs. In these works Lutz examines the auction houses' self serving rhetoric highlighting the inflation of the Contemporary Art market prior to it's subsequent collapse in 2008. [2]

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