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T. Woods
Nationality American
Occupation Student

Twoods158 is a student at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

About me[edit]

I've created this Wikipedia account to contribute to the constantly growing body of knowledge on Wikipedia. I am an undergraduate student at Rice University studying Sociology and minoring in Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities. My particular interests focus on HIV/AIDS, migration, gender and sexuality, and urban poverty, especially in the developing world. More specifically, I enjoy writing about Latin America and the Caribbean. I strongly believe that Wikipedia is an unparalleled resource in our world, one that anyone can use to learn and share ideas. In writing and rewriting articles whose content "matters," I sincerely hope to raise awareness of social issues around the world.


HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean: I rewrote this former Stub-class article concerning HIV/AIDs in the Caribbean. I focused on social, cultural, and economic factors that contribute to the spread of the disease. I also described the situations in several countries within the region, and outlined many of the responses and challenges associated with the disease.

Circular Migration: I also rewrote this former Start-Class article concerning the topic of circular migration. I discussed the benefits and costs associated with circular migration, described several case studies, and detailed the relationship between circular migration and development. I hope to continue to work on this article to improve it from B-Class to GA-Class.


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