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Hi, I am Typhoon2013! And yes, I am sure that you may be thinking that my name is about the Typhoon Haiyan as it happened in 2013. Well, I could not think of a name when I joined Wikipedia, so I decided Typhoon2013, because I like typhoons and I joined in 2013. But... my very first edit as an anonymous user was in August 21, 2013, when I tried to create the 2014 PTS article, however it got reverted because it was "too early". A month later, when I noticed that the tropical activity had 'quickly fired', I decided to join Wikipedia on September 21. So yes, the reason for my username was not about Typhoon Haiyan (yet).

By 2015, I have decided to step up as a user as I am just like a straight line for nearly two years, aside from making several disambiguation articles. I did started to add sensible and reliable sentences in some storm sections in the 2015 seasons. However by December, when I had a break/holiday, I still thought I was not doing enough. 2016 came and I got two major things: Wikipedia and School. School, because I got to study for NCEA exams for Year 11-13 (2017-19). Now, starting July 2016, I am now currently holding events for myself to make a goal on a specific article I like and making it a C, GA (or FA) in the article ratings.

Recently, I was so dumb as I was playing a game. I was raging so hard that I brokemy computer, lol :(. Because of this, I will be not as active as the previous years, but I am expecting my Wikiproject (TC) to stay strong and accurate! :)


  • Typhoon2013 (2013—2014)
  • Typhoon2013 (2014—present)
Blas 2016-07-06 2155Z.jpg
A close-up image of Hurricane Blas at its maximum intensity on July 6, 2016

Sleep.svg It is 01:43 where this user lives. (Purge)

School Education Times[edit]

Term 4 starts on October 10

  • Exams during Nov 10-18

Year 10 2016 ends of December 13

Year 11 2017 starts February 1


Previous and Current Events[edit]

2015 Pacific typhoon season (July 5 — August 4, 2016)[edit]

I really wanted this article to be a Good Article, because of the activeness of the season. I will be focusing on sourcing all sentences that needed to be and the presentation. If done successfully and other users approving it, this might be my first article to be approved and giving an article rating above C (GA or FA). Storms below are the sections I need to complete or have completed, while dates mean the day when I completed it. 11 of 18 systems accomplished.
  • Mekkhala (8 July)
  • Higos (9 July)
  • Bavi (10 July)
  • Maysak
  • Haishen
  • Noul
  • Dolphin
  • Linfa (9 July)
  • Soudelor
  • Goni
  • Etau (8 July)
  • Koppu
  • Champi (5 July)
  • In-fa (5 July)
  • Melor (6 July)
  • Onyok (16 July)
  • 08C (5 July)
  • JMA TD 38 (5 July)


About me and Wikipedia stuff[edit]

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