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Tysto [TISS toe] is Derek Jensen ( (1967-09-01) September 1, 1967 (age 54)), a retired professional writer, training and communication consultant, and frequent business traveler. Now a local historian and avid amateur photographer with an interest in architecture. I am the operator of, a blog where my movie analysis can be found, as well as

I often edit articles for spelling, tone, flow, and point of view rather than to add information. I believe English Wikipedia should not use foreign spellings and have an imaginary child named Æþöñéß.

I am a devoted enemy of fan zeal, television minutia, band vanity, lists for the sake of lists, infotisements, transportation nerdery, and all ephemera. I believe that the purpose of an encyclopedia is to document everything that is notable, not everything that is true. I believe that non-notable articles hurt Wikipedia's performance, confuse casual users, and make it harder for people to find genuinely valuable information.

Sole documentarian (maker-uper) of the 1901 B&O Train Robbery.

Typo nanny for opponant/opponants.

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