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"Only YOU can prevent forest fire!"--Smoky Bear 

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elcome to my nice quint home on the English Wikipedia. I am Tyw7 (pronounced /ˈtiː ˈwaɪ ˈdʌbəljuː ˈsɛv.ən/), an editor on the English Wikipedia. I live in the United Kingdom. I am interested in software and train related articles. I also like taking pictures of latest trains. You can see all of my pictures I uploaded at my gallery. Also, please feel free to follow me on Twitter.

I consider myself as a WikiSloth because I rarely make any edits and if I do, they are few and sparse in between. I also tend to do micro edits all over the encyclopedia. On Wikipedia, I had the pleasure of helping User:TechOutsider (who is no longer with us) with the articles Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 to bring it up to good articles class. For an idea of what kind of content I have contributed to the encyclopedia my contributions.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for me or just want to drop by to say "Hi!" you are more than welcome to leave me a message on my talk page.

Taken by Thu Ya Win | Gallery

Any use of images uploaded by me, Wikipedia editor Tyw7, must be attributed to me using my full name (Thu Ya Win) if you use it outside of Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia. Failure to do so will result in a copyright violation.

If you use my image/s outside Wikimedia, I would highly appreciate if you let me know by my email. This requires a Wikipedia account so if you don't have a Wikipedia account, use this link. I'm curious where my work is used. If you are a (commercial) publisher and want to relicense my pictures please email me first. If you would like to use this image in a way which is incompatible with the given free license, please contact me.

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Please more of my userboxes at User:Tyw7/User_box. For a full list of awards other users have given me see User:Tyw7/Awards. For all of my subpages visit: Special:PrefixIndex/User:Tyw7

List of Articles I created

I have created the following new articles. Those with the in bold type have appeared on the main page as did you know entries.

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Fly on plant (far).jpg
Photo: Thu Ya Win

Macro photography of a Housefly on a plant.