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Demetrios Constantinos Andrianis
Born Poughkeepsie, New York
Residence Jersey City N.J.
Citizenship American
Education Piano, Guitar, Video, Biochemistry,
Alma mater SUNY New Paltz B.S. Chemistry
SUNY New Paltz B.S. Music
Occupation Writer, Investment Banker, Journalist, Historian, Musician, Entertainer, Filmaker
Years active 2006-present
Organization Andrianis Historical Foundation
Known for Music Playlist
Style Vocal Jazz
Home town Poughkeepsie New York, Mytilene Lesbos

This is a page created by worldly scholar Demetrios Constantinos Andrianis in the pursuit of higher education and excellence. It is his views that with the internet the world will advance intellectually at a far greater rate, hence making the entire population devoid of ignorance. Wikipedia is one source that allows people to quickly access knowledge on any subject. Demetri’s fields of expertise range from music, film, photography, chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, art, history, philosophy. and other miscellaneous information that makes Wikipedia so important. Demetrios holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from SUNY New Paltz and graduated Cum laude with second Bachelor of Science degree specializing in Vocal Jazz from SUNY New Paltz's School of Fine and Performing Arts. Demetrios is also a historian, journalist and archaeologist.

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