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Welcome to my user page. My user name is inspired by the Audi Ur-Quattro, my favourite Group B rally car.

My main interests include automobiles; especially high performance automobiles and automotive topics, technology, aeroplanes and to some extent videogames. Though I also have interest in chemistry, IT and wildlife but I do not intend to contribute in that area.

I'm a software engineer by profession and employed at a reputable IT firm. I edit on Wikipedia during my free time as a hobby. My other hobbies include playing video games, researching about automobiles and collecting model cars and digital watches. I own a modified Lotus Carlton along with an Alpina B7 (E65) (post bangle-butt) because of my affinity with fast, comfortable saloons.

As a human, I'm prone to errors, spelling mistakes and omissions so if you believe that I have committed any of the aforementioned mistakes, feel free to discuss about them on my talk page but be constructive and courteous while pointing them out (I'll do the same).

I don't possess a good sense of humour and I maintain a serious attitude in my communication and personal life. I do not wish to understand sense of humour and its benefits so if you think that it causes a conflict of interest, you can avoid me.

I have contributed to a slight amount on Wikipedia, though I do not want to list the pages I have created or the major contributions I have made because they imply a self centered attitude while Wikipedia is for everyone. Other than that, I'm not paid to do any of the edits. The service awards and the progression meter are there to keep me motivated to edit more.

I tend to keep a neutral point of view in the edits I make but sometimes due to my lack of knowledge about a said subject, that point of view may differ, I wouldn't mind constructive criticism about that. I also have a zero tolerance policy on vandalism caused on Wikipedia.

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