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I'm UED77, aka. Gábor Eszes, a 17-year-old male contributor from Hungary. My primary account is on the Commons, where I am an administator. I also have a userpage on Meta, which, along with my Commons page provides links to my accounts at other Wikimedia projects. I started my Wikimedia career here on en.wp, but I was always more of a reader than an editor. Although I spend the bulk of my time on Commons, I have not abandoned Wikipedia, and don't intend to do so — I'm hopelessly addicted :)

About me[edit]

The Name[edit]

My official name is Gábor Eszes, IPA: [ˈɡaː.bor ˈɛs.ɛʃ], which, in my native language of Hungarian would be by Hungarian name order, Eszes Gábor. Gábor is the Hungarian form of the Hebrew name Gabriel, meaning "the man of God". Eszes is derived from the word ész, meaning "mind", and it signifies the possession of a sound and sharp mind. Thus, the name could be anglicized as "Gabriel Smart", but I would never use it as such. Instead, the form "Gabor Eszes", pronounced by me in English as [ɡɐ.ˈboːr ˈɛs.ɛʃ] is preferred.


I am obsessed with computers. I have experimented with Linux in the past, with little success, owing to an OEM computer and lots of hardware conflicts during Linux boot. Currently, I run Windows XP on both a stock Compaq PC and an Averatec 3250 laptop, but I still wish to install Linux one day.


I'm fluent in XHTML and CSS, and have decent knowledge of Javascript. Currently, I'm learning PHP and Perl on my own, as well as Java in high school. I have had a little experience with C++, but not as much as I would like to; I hope that will change soon. I've also written a couple of handy math programs for TI-83 calculators. I also maintain a website, which tries to have a stable address at


Having read all guides and FAQs about multi-licensing and the problems with the GFDL, I have decided to multi-license my article and media contributions under the GFDL and CC-by-SA 2.5 and all past versions. With hopes that copyleft licenses will improve in the near future, I also grant the Wikimedia Foundation the right to relicense my works under a copyleft license similar to GFDL or CC-by-SA. If you have particular licensing needs for one of my works, contact me, and I'll see what I can do :)


I'm an admin at Wikimedia Commons, so I upload my free photos and graphics there. As an admin, I can delete files from the Commons that are against policy, such as fair use pictures. However, en-wiki allows fair use images, so I might occasionally upload pictures from the Commons prior to deleting them. I have never actually done so, though :)


For Wikipedia-related inquiries, you can primarily reach me on my talk page. I frequent Wikipedia often, so I'll check my messages often as well. For questions about Commons, try my Commons talk page. English or Hungarian is fine; I can probably read some basic German as well, but if the info is essential, it's best to stick to English :)