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UTSRelativity is a male, Christian, Cantonese-speaking Chinese Canadian who was born in Hong Kong in 1985 and grew up in the Agincourt district of Scarborough, Ontario watching the Zone on YTV, his then-favourite TV station.

He is a graduate of the Software Design program at Queen's University, Kingston and his favourite programming language is C++ which he has found to be incredibly convoluted. As a victim of the double cohort, he is proud to have booed Mike Harris in the SkyDome.


He likes anime and science fiction. His favourite Star Trek series is Star Trek: Voyager. His favourite TV shows are ReBoot, Read All About It (on TVO) and Doctor Who. He enjoys eating chocolate, moon cakes, sushi and sashimi. He reads mostly science fiction books but also enjoy mystery and young-adult fiction. He likes only choice fantasy books like the The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter; he dislikes the clumping of science fiction and fantasy as a genre. His favourite author is Monica Hughes for his favourite book The Tomorrow City. He likes adult contemporary music, television and video game background and theme music. He believes strongly in educational television like Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?, and somehow still likes new episodes of every television series he ever followed except for Power Rangers which he believes died with Zordon with the notable exception of Time Force.