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"Wikipedia is like a library. A library where the patrons write all the books." -Uagehry456 01:18, 28 May 2007 (UTC)

"New and unimproved...deproved?"
This is not my real name, but I like to keep people guessing. Not that anyone cares.

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Regarding the above sentence, you ask? Why do I like to keep people guessing on absolutely nothing? Well, it is none of your concern. But if you're wondering why I chose that particular letter-sequence, I will tell you.

The meaning of my pseudonym is as follows:

The U stands for unity,

The A stands for freedom (Anarchism) and priority,

The G stands for green, as in environmentally friendly (or jealousy, both fit me not that well),

The E stands for écrire (ignore the accent), which is French for to write, like I'm doing right now,

The H stands for herald, which means messenger or announcer (both of which I rarely do, since I'm reclusive),

The R stands for righteousness, of which I am,

The Y stands for...I don't know, there are no good words for Y anyway.

Now, the number sequence is special because it is counting upwards from the lucky number 3, and also includes three numbers. But that would also mean 3+3=6, and that's the unlucky number 666, but that is again reverted by the fact that '666' consists of 3 numbers, which is good, but again is reverted by the basic mathematics knowledge of "negative x positive = negative", which nullifies it. But there also is the fact that nothing really horrible happened on 6/6/06, the fact of which is a positive. So therefore, the number sequence "456" has absolutely no meaning at all.

I guess that explains your question, and maybe even more!