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I'm a programmer, currently working at the Army Research Lab. In my spare time I like to read, travel, go to movies (only the big screen really does it for me), make music, or goof on the internet. I also contribute to WikiQuote.

Articles with Major Contributions from Me[edit]

People in Wikipedia I have met[edit]

"Met" means, at a minimum, that I either introduced myself or was introduced by name, and that I and the listed person said at least a few words to each other. Simply being in the same room does not count.

  1. Samuel Adler — met when he was music director at the temple I went to in Dallas
  2. Yosef Almogi — distant cousin
  3. John Baird — met at a wedding
  4. Bianca Bagnarelli — my girlfriend's niece
  5. Brian A. Barsky — friend of a friend
  6. Ewan Birney — my son's graduate advisor
  7. Grady Booch — met on a visit to Rational
  8. John Browning — met backstage
  9. Loren Carpenter — met at SIGGRAPH
  10. Lee Child — in same drama club at university
  11. Ramsey Clark — friend of the family
  12. Harold F. Clayton — met over the phone
  13. Ted Codd — met at a conference
  14. Kenneth H. Cooper — met at the Cooper Aerobics Center
  15. John Cornyn — voted in the precinct where I was an election judge
  16. Mike Cowlishaw — met professionally
  17. Nikki Craft — met at KCHU in Dallas
  18. Hugh Darwen — met professionally
  19. August Derleth — met over the phone while ordering a book
  20. Lloyd Doggett — met at a political event
  21. Michael Douglas — met at a press conference
  22. Alain Fournier — close friend
  23. Jane Fonda — met at a press conference
  24. Henry Fuchs — met while at UT Dallas
  25. Bamber Gascoigne — met while on University Challenge
  26. Jack Gilford — met at the Tadich Grill in San Francisco
  27. Stephen Hawking — met at an astrophysics convention
  28. Banesh Hoffmann — met at an astrophysics convention
  29. John H. Hoffman — met while at UT Dallas
  30. Robert Hoffman — same school
  31. William Hootkins — same school, same drama group
  32. Lane P. Hughston — high school friend
  33. Donald Johanos — was friends with his daughter
  34. Tommy Lee Jones — same school, same drama group
  35. Bryce Jordan — met while at UT Dallas
  36. Tom Kite — met at a birthday party for his son
  37. Polykarp Kusch — on my doctoral committee
  38. John Lehmann — took a course from him at UT
  39. Jack Lemmon — met at a press conference
  40. Joyce Currie Little — neighbor
  41. Benoît Mandelbrot — had dinner with him when he spoke at my school
  42. Stuart Margolin — my aunt's nephew
  43. Lorenzo Milam — met while working at the long-defunct KCHU in Dallas
  44. Turk Murphy — met after a performance
  45. Edwin Neal — same drama group, later member of same synagogue
  46. Douglas Northcott — undergraduate professor
  47. Dean Ornish — same high school, same poker group
  48. Rick Perry — sat next to him on a plane
  49. Penn & Teller — volunteer from the audience in The Refrigerator Tour
  50. J.J. Pickle — met at a political event
  51. David Pines — related to first wife, also present at my first conference talk
  52. Regina Resnik — met backstage
  53. Patricia Richardson — same drama group
  54. Wolfgang Rindler — on my doctoral committee
  55. Ivor Robinson — my graduate advisor
  56. Robert Xavier Rodriguez — met at UT Dallas
  57. Barefoot Sanders — introduced by his daughter, a school friend
  58. Allan Shivers — met at UT Board of Regents meeting
  59. Lewis Shiner — same school, same drama group
  60. John Silber — met while at UT
  61. Preston Smith — met at a press conference
  62. Stephen Spender — interviewed for The Daily Texan
  63. Roger Staubach — met in the locker room of the Cooper Aerobics Center
  64. Annette Strauss — served with her on a committee
  65. Bjarne Stroustrup — met at a conference
  66. Jeffrey Swann — same school
  67. Edward Teller — met when he spoke at our school
  68. Stephen Tobolowsky — met at high school debate tournaments
  69. Andrzej Trautman — met at a conference
  70. Alex Trebek — met while on Jeopardy!
  71. Jack Valenti — interviewed for The Daily Texan
  72. Dee Dee Warwick — met on a tour bus in the Bahamas
  73. John Wayne — had lunch with him at a press conference
  74. George Whitman — hung out in his bookstore in Paris in the early seventies
  75. Angus G. Wynne — father's law partner

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