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This user enjoys the works of Bernard Cornwell.
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High level of vandalism.

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Who am I?[edit]

Without giving too much away… I used to be a frequent sight throughout Wikipedia, until something made me change my password randomly, to prevent me ever logging on again. I have now returned with my previous experience and newfound knowledge, with the intention of becoming a regular user again. That’s all I will say – I do not want to be associated with my previous account, and I will aim to uphold that. If you are intelligent enough to figure out who I was previously, please kindly keep your mouth shut.

What do I know?[edit]

In short – lots. My main areas are history/ mythology, which I research heavily – and I am also quite knowledgeable in aspects of my newfound hobby, kayaking. I intend to apply this knowledge in the Kayaking Wikiproject, which is dying due to extreme lack of support.

What will I be doing?[edit]

Aside from the Kayaking Wikiproject which I have just mentioned, I will be investing large amounts of time in offering a helping hand to new users (or any user out of their depth) – because I feel that new users often need support while integrating into Wikipedia, and it never hurts to have your own army of indebted Wikipedians.