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ID card for Ulf Larsen, SLMM - Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission), I place the scan of the ID card here as to show that I have actually served with the SLMM, since some user doubted it. This does of course not mean that I know more (or less) about the conflict in Sri Lanka than anyone and his aunt, and neither have I tried to argue that I am an expert on it

I am Ulf Larsen, Norwegian, and currently living in Oslo, Norway.

I have a background in the merchant marine, and I have also been in the Royal Norwegian Navy. I have served with the UN peace keeping forces in Somalia and Bosnia, and later with NATO in Bosnia. I have also had one year as a naval monitor with the SLMM in Sri Lanka.

I find Wikipedia interesting, and try to contribute whenever its possible. My contributions are varied, as my interests. In case of heavy discussions I will usually just continue with another article, life is too short to waste in petty quarrels.

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