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Hello, I am Daniel Lewis. Ultimatewisdom was an old synonym that I used to go under, I no longer use it (other than on here)... you are more likely to find me on systems as danieljohnlewis.


Current Situation[edit]

Full Name Daniel John Lewis
Pre-nominals Mr
Post-nominals BSc(Hons) MBCS MACM
Blog Daniel's Blog
Personal URI Daniel Lewis
Job Title Consultant/Researcher/Developer/Trainer/Writer (Computer Science, Web Science and Theology) - Vanir Systems (self employed! / Freelance!)

I am:

My computing interests include:

Previous Situations[edit]

I have been:

  • A Postgraduate Student at the University of Bristol. Computer Science department. Area: Machine Learning and Data Mining.
  • A Student at Oxford Brookes University studying for a BSc (Hons) Intelligent Systems and Software Engineering. I graduated with a 2:1, and a Double A grade for my Final Year Project + Dissertation.
  • The Founder (2004) & President (2004 - 2007) of Brookes Computing Society (Oxford Brookes University)
  • Head of Development, in the wxCocoa@Brookes Group (2006 - 2007)
  • An intern (visiting researcher) at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University, Milton Keynes.
  • An Analyst Programmer at Lifecycle Software Ltd.
  • A Web Developer / Systems Administrator at Lovell Johns Ltd.
  • A Developer at Curverider Ltd.
  • now a Technology evangelist for OpenLink Software. I specialise in Semantic Web, Linked Data and Web 3.0 Technology.

Future Situations[edit]

  • PhD (?)


Other Interests[edit]

Current Situations[edit]

Previous Situations[edit]

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