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Significant Contributions[edit]

Fermi-Dirac statistics (brief derivation and plots)

Planck's law of black body radiation (derivation and plot)

Wien's displacement law (derivation)

Debye function (origin)

Pendulum (derivation of the period, motion, diagrams)

Einstein tensor (Trace derivation)

New Articles / Stub Article[edit]

Quasinormal mode (explanation and diagrams)

Einstein solid (2 derivations, 1 plot)

Debye model (Derivation, explanation, plot)

Curie's law (derivation and plots)

Planning to work on...[edit]

Quasinormal mode

Airy disc

Angle of refraction

Bound state

Density of states


Double pendulum

Evanescent wave

Fraunhofer diffraction


Lorenz gauge condition

Quantum tunneling

Synchrotron radiation

Cyclotron radiation

WKB approximation

Hooke's law


Foucault pendulum

Spherical pendulum

Einstein tensor