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Industry Software
Founded 2008
Headquarters Sydney, NSW, Australia
Key people
Dmytro Bablinyuk, Joint CEO
Jay Haybatov, Joint CEO
Products Object database

Eloquera Pty Ltd is an Australian company [1] and a supplier of database management software. The company was founded in Sydney, Australia in November 2008, and is headquartered there.[2] Research and development is carried out in Australia and in Europe. The Eloquera database is used in many sectors including Finance, Medical, Oil and Mining and Web e-commerce.[3] Clients are spread around the globe with most in the US and Europe.

The Eloquera database is an object database designed for the .NET environment. The database can be licensed at no charge for commercial use.


The company was founded by Dmytro Bablinyuk and Jay Haybatov. They are jointly credited with developing the underlying technology. Development has been rapid with frequent releases. By 2010, Eloquera had put in place a team in Eastern Europe to support product development.

The company has recently announced that it will be releasing an Enterprise version of their database, with enhanced reliability and availability features.[4] This will be a paid version, with support and development of the free version continuing in parallel.

Executive Team[edit]

  • Dmytro Bablinyuk - Joint CEO
  • Jay Haybatov - Joint CEO
  • Egor Moraru - Principal Architect
  • John Lane - Sale and Marketing


The Eloquera database is built on the .NET platform and uses a LINQ and SQL interface. Compared to a relational database, and in particular when used with complex data, Eloquera claims much faster development and maintenance, together with superior run time performance. There have been four major releases over the past two years.

The Enterprise version of Eloquera has been announced and is expected to be available in 2Q 2012.

Another product offering using the underlying Eloquera technology is EIRE. This is a product designed for secure and guaranteed data delivery over unreliable connections such as satellite.[5]


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