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    About me[edit]

    In my work as a special collections cataloger for the Smithsonian Libraries, I use Wikipedia almost daily for learning more about the authors and publications that I catalog. I primarily contribute to Wikipedia by adding authoritative citations to existing articles on a variety of topics, and I have also contributed images to Wikimedia Commons. I am interested in supporting GLAMWiki projects, and I enjoy meeting up with the members of my local Wikimedia DC chapter to discuss ways that GLAM institutions can collaborate with Wikipedians and plan events like editathons. To contact me, leave a message on my talk page. I am also on Twitter as Museocat.

    Conflict of interest statement[edit]

    I, User:Uncommon_fritillary, am an employee of the Smithsonian Libraries, a cultural institution per WP:GLAM. I accept the editing conditions specified at that page. I will not make any edits that would not be beneficial to the goals of Wikipedia. I will uphold the community policies laid down by WP:GLAM. I will modify my editing behavior based on problems cited by other editors or if my editing conflicts with other Wikipedia guidelines. I ask that other editors do not hesitate to contact me, via my user talk page, if I appear to be going against this declaration.

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