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About me[edit]

My name is Rick. I have a broad but shallow base of knowledge, so I don't author any articles, but I have a childhood-engendered fondness for browsing reference works (such as encyclopediae, dictionaries, and atlases) and an apt eye for spelling and usage errors, so I contribute a little in the way of copyediting.

I'm currently exploring ways to be more involved in the project, especially by translating featured articles on the Spanish Wikipedia to English.

My Userboxes[edit]

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Dedicated Wikipedians are constantly discussing ways to improve the project. These discussions occur 'behind the scenes' to avoid confusing the majority of users, who just want to use Wikipedia. But this makes the discussions difficult to find for a new user who wants to become involved in developing the project.

The box to the right offers one solution; it provides a summary of most of the major discussions occurring at any given time. You can include this box on your user page by entering the text {{cent}} somewhere on it.

Additional, generally briefer discussions can be read at the Village Pump, categorized as Policy, Technical, Proposal, and Miscellaneous discussions.

Centralized discussion
Proposals: policy other Discussions Ideas

For a listing of ongoing discussions, see the dashboard.

Wikipedia vandalism information

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Low to moderate level of vandalism.


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What I'm currently working on[edit]

Pages needing translation[edit]


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Recent changes[edit]

Key Policies and Guidelines[edit]

Policies Guidelines
WP:NOT What Wikipedia is not
WP:IAR Ignore all rules
WP:NPOV Neutral point of view
WP:V Verifiability
WP:NOR No original research
WP:BLP Biographies of living persons
WP:CON Consensus
WP:DR Dispute resolution
WP:3RR The 3-revert rule
WP:VAN Vandalism
WP:BOLD Be bold
WP:TALK Talk page guidelines
WP:RS Reliable sources
WP:NOTE Notability
WP:AGF Assume good faith
Style guidelines:
WP:MOS Manual of style
WP:LEAD Lead section style guideline
WP:CITE Citing sources
WP:LAYOUT Layout of articles
WP:ENGVAR National varieties of English
MOS:DATE Chronological items
MOS:NUM Numbers
WP:UNITS Units of measure

Other Useful Links[edit]

Wiki markup references[edit]

Cheatsheet (really basic markup)
Wiki markup (links, images, headings, character formatting, tables, variables)
Table formatting (using pipe syntax)

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Citation templates

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Cleanup templates[edit]

See Template:Articleissues for articles with multiple cleanup issues